Old Doesn’t Scare Me

I received a comment from a young woman on one of my Facebook posts a few weeks ago, kindly criticizing my use of the word old with the word woman. I announced that I was creating a new blog on my website entitled, “This Old Mystic Woman’s Musings,” along with my vision for how I see it evolving.  Her distaste for the words old woman, I’d realized, was a common echo from many women who see themselves as enlightened, but are secretly frightened and ashamed of the process of physical aging.  She bargained with the common reasoning that we are as young as we think, and my choice of words was a personal lack of self-love.  She missed my point and I felt her projection.  No anger here.  Just deflected her energy back with a smile.  On the other hand, she gifted me the idea for my first subject title in this blog category, Triza’s Musings.  Old Doesn’t Scare Me. Thank you!

I accomplished my 70th solar return in February of this year and am delighted that I’ve come this far.  I hold no fear of leaving my body when my higher self spirit calls me home.  In fact, I look forward to it.  I’m also not afraid of, nor embarrassed by well-earned wrinkles, a few sun spots from the ignorance of the 60’s and 70’s coconut oil sun worshiping days, the lack of once perky breasts, and tight muscle defined smooth legs, arms, and butt.  I’m like a flower.  We all have our physical moment of bloom.  All these years have given me character I should think, and perhaps evokes the curious onlooker to wonder what my story is, as we interested ones tend to do with older folks of the human tribe.

I am an old mystical woman.  I say this as an achievement and honor. My mind is indeed forever ageless and endlessly spiritually evolving.  That’s damn exciting!  And I can claim some wisdom over the years.  Yet, I’m still physically aging and proud of it.  I recall a friend from my corporate human resources days advising me, “Shhh! A woman should never reveal her age because some things must remain mysterious.”  If someone were to ask me my age, I’d simply reply with, “My earth age or the age of my spirit”?  There would be a surprised moment of confused embarrassment in which I would savor a good laugh.

I honor my body, mind, and spirit.  Balance is an ongoing practice.  I eat clean and steer clear of processed food and sugar, stay well hydrated, and exercise.  I have my treats.  I love that I know who I am and love my own creative personal adornment. I love the name of my favorite bold lipstick – Undead Red.   I love to be organized and I’m a clean freak.  I have a deep sense of simple beauty and the subsequent peace it brings in keeping a clean, sunny, colorful, and house plant-decked personal sanctuary.  All these things impact my overall wellbeing, and when my mind is at peace, so is my body, even during times of physical challenge.

I have communicated with spirit guides, people, and animals from our home on the Other Side throughout my life.  How could life ever be boring?  How could I not know what the meaning of my body is and why I am wondering around in it here on Earth?  There is an essential opportunity to share my experiences to help others, no matter how insignificant those opportunities may appear.   After 70 years, my body is a reflection of my inner self.  And so, it is with us all.  We are magical flowering bodies that can reveal untold stories.  Our bodies will grow, bloom and dance with our own creative style and fragrance, and they will be released when we’re ready to go home.  It’s really that simple.  What’s to be ashamed of my beautiful sisters?  Let’s stop perpetuating our secret fear-based beliefs about physically not being enough.

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