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These Strange Things Called Dreams
Why Do We Dream?

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I feel certain that since the beginning of time when spiritual beings chose to incarnate on earth or anywhere else in the galaxies within multi-universes as physical sentient beings, (how brave we are to incarnate on earth) we’ve had a direct access line back to the spiritual realm through dreams.  Every sentient being dreams.  Our dogs and cats do.  Lizards do.  Think about it.  All beings have a spirit/soul and therefore, also have a connection to the realm of spirit from which they originate.  The Divine doesn’t leave us alone by any stretch of the imagination when our spirits take on a physical body.   We CANNOT BE LEFT ALONE.  The separation idea is only the delusion of a fear-based ego mind.

And of course, one of the laws of the creative universe shows us a great truth.  That truth is whatever we continually think/believe is reflected back to us in the world.  So if we don’t believe that dreams are one of our connective spiritual channels, well…we’ll disconnect from remembering dreams and block an important aspect of spiritual communication.  Then of course, we take on a belief and feeling of being alone.  That poses a danger of being more easily led by outside organized sources that have a desire for power over others.

We sleep to rejuvenate the body – central nervous system and quiet the ego mind.  And when we sleep we return to the spiritual realm – in our case – what we call the dream realm, to continue our work and play as ever evolving co-creators of the Universe.  Our dreams will reflect back to us in a myriad of symbolic creative ways everything we’re working on and what concerns us in physical life.  We can receive telepathic messages in dreams, visit our deceased loved ones, and awaken with strikingly clear predictions.  We can also share the same dream with another, or be a part of a telepathic mass dream message, such as the 9/11 tragedy in the US to warn us, or of an impending earthquake.  Many people regularly have precognitive dreams about personal, local or global events.

Dreams are therefore, scenarios we create for guidance to help assist us in navigating our life purpose on earth.  Dreams are also our playground.  We’re free of gravity and can instantly “materialize” anything we need to help us.  Sometimes we wake up after having a wonderful flying dream, still feeling the exhilaration of what it was to fly with the birds, and whimper a bit about being so earthbound.  We simply miss our lives in the spiritual world.  We go to sleep with a problem and can wake up with the solution we worked out in our dream.

The one thing I love about working with dreams is they never lie to us.  Our higher spirit self isn’t attached to a human ego.  Oh, we will create dreams that show us how we are lying about some issue, in denial, or deceiving ourselves.  Our spiritual selves are true to our soul work.  Our dreams will show us what we’re afraid of, so we’ll create all kinds of weird symbolic scenarios to get the message across where mere words couldn’t provide the full impact we need compared to what our dreams additionally do for us.

Dreams are free guidance.  When we learn how to unlock the messages of our dreams by re-learning the ancient art of dream analysis, we become our own best personal counselors, navigating our earth life with the help of one of the best oracles – dreams.  After all, we create our dreams.  We also have a wonderful supportive team in our personal soul group, angels, spirit guides/teachers, and loved ones, who participate in our dreams to help teach us, solve problems, face the truth of our fears, heal us, be our inventive creative best, and create joy with us.  We must never forget that we are eternal living and growing spiritual beings having a human physical experience.  And well…for our galactic friends, like the Pleiadians from the Pleiades star system for example, they’re having their own physical experience too.  We’re all dreaming throughout the universe!  We take on a physical body for spiritual growth.  Honestly, being in the physical realm provides all kinds of challenges, limitations, and opportunities for overcoming fear and positively creating.

Artwork: Tea on the Sahara, by Aimee Stewart

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