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Types of Dreams

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming happens when you are dreaming and are fully aware that you are dreaming, which typically arises out of a normal dream state.   This type of dream may also be accompanied by the sensation of floating or flying – referring to the astral or energy body.  You can also control the events and actions in a lucid dream.  It’s common for people to look down from their energy body and see their sleeping body as they float above.  You can actually train yourself in various ways to make lucid dreaming more frequent.

One can learn to do astral projection within the lucid dream state also, and it isn’t uncommon for a lucid dream to fully move into a state of astral projection or out of body experience.

Astral Projection – Out of Body Experience (OBE’s)

An out of body experience (OBE) and astral projection are the same thing.  There is a bit of controversy about this. One school of thought says there is no difference whatsoever, and the other opinion says an OBE happens with some form of trauma.  I believe that over time, more documented experiences will clear up the controversy. Astral projection or OBE happens when you travel out of the body from a sleep state or lucid dream, yoga, or meditation state.  Most of the time, while you’re awake, your consciousness is shifted from your physical body.  Then some say that an OBE occurs when one experiences a shock or crisis in life, such as a serious personal injury or the death of a loved one, etc.

Precognitive Dreams

 A precognitive dream is a dream about the future.  It is not the same as a déjà vu experience because precognition typically concerns someone other than oneself.  Precognition means foreknowing – to know something ahead of time.  The precognitive dream presents a unique sense of feeling to it.  Once a precognitive dream is recognized, the possible literal events will be seen apart from images that are only symbolic.  It is a psychic level phenomenon type dream.  People who frequently experience this type of dream usually seek out expanded levels of spiritual awareness through meditation and learn to strengthen their psychic abilities in waking life.

 Prophetic or Visionary Dreams

A prophetic or visionary dream is a message from the Higher Self Soul, God Self or Higher Divine Source.  It comes from an awakened level of mystical awareness that the person is usually ready to receive.  It may have a personal message or contain a Universal Truth, but it is always about personal spiritual growth.  The vision experience is quite different from ordinary dreaming.  The level and quality of awareness is much like the awareness of a lucid dream or out of body experience in that you know you are very much awake and aware within the dream state.  The world’s great mystical teachings and ancient prophesies have come through this visionary level of consciousness.  A vision is marked by several qualities such as: spiritual insight and purpose, expansive understanding, the greater realization of the oneness of all life, and the power of love and unity.  These types of dreams are not a frequent experience, but if ever experienced, would not be forgotten because it can be positively life changing.

Near Death Experience’s (NDE’s) 

 I’ve included near death experience with Dream Types because even though it isn’t a dream as such, it is an experience beyond the conscious waking state.  A near death experience or NDE refers to an out of body experience that is triggered by nearly dying, or even achieving clinical death and then being resuscitated.  It seems that when the astral body believes its physical body is dead, the astral body quickly departs from the physical body. The astral body can survive the physical body, and when both bodies are tricked into believing you are dead, your astral body may just take off. But once you’re resuscitated you’re pulled back into your physical body.  When someone experiences a NDE, their attitude toward death and dying change.  Fears about dying usually subside and a curiosity, sometimes peacefulness, and understanding take place.

 Shared Dreams

Shared dreams are dreams experienced the same night (and perhaps at the same time) by two or more people.  The dreamers usually live near each other.  Not uncommonly, they are husband and wife or lovers sharing the same bed.  However, it is not uncommon for close friends and relations to share the same dream.  A deep psychological or emotional connection between the dreamers is more important than being in the same location.

Past Life Dreams

People have memories of previous lives.  Children most often recall past lives up to the age of 6 while in their waking state, then as well as the dream state, and adults usually have past life memories in their dreams.

It has been established through scores of world accounts from children and adults over the years that there are four main ways that past life dream remembrances differ from ordinary dreams:

  1. Past life dream recall is accompanied by sensations completely unlike those experienced from ordinary dreams – sensations of a deep knowing and familiarity upon awakening, and not usually forgotten.
  2. Dreamers are aware they are seeing one or more of their past lives, similar to the awareness in a lucid dream when we are aware that we are dreaming in the dream.
  3. Usually in ordinary dreams, we may not recall a dream after a few days, weeks, or months. But past life dream recall is so vivid that the dreamer can describe even the slightest details of the dream years later. It can stay with them for life.
  4. After someone has a past life recall dream, his or her attitude toward death and dying changes. Any fears about dying usually subside and a curiosity and understanding take place.

Artwork: Trust, by Netanel Moran

Book ResourcesHere are just a few…

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“Mastering Astral Projection” by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer

“Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation that Revealed Near Death Experiences, by Raymond Moody, M.D.

“The Light Beyond” (Sequel to Life After Life) by Raymond Moody, M.D.

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“Past Lives, Present Miracles: The Most Empowering Book on Reincarnation You’ll Ever Read…in this Lifetime!: by Denise Linn

“Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives” by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

“The Seeress of Prevorst – Her Secret Language and Prophecies From the Spirit World” by John DeSalve, Ph.D.
“Dreams and Visions” by Edgar Cayce

“Dreams and Visions” by Edgar Cayce


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