Life Path Readings
A life path reading can be just about anything in your life – Relationship concerns, gifts and talents in work and life, and strengths and weaknesses are all part of what we are here to heal and grow. A loved one from the Other Side may appear with a message of support, a guide or angel may assist, or a pertinent past life may be revealed to help your healing and growth in this life now in some capacity. All these may all be a part of your reading.

Once the purchase of your reading has been confirmed, you will also receive an email confirmation from me within 24 hours with a selection of days and times that I have available, based on your time zone, for you to choose from to schedule your reading.  

  Life Path Reading – 1 Hr – $75.00 
Life Path Reading – 1/2 Hr – $40.00 

Blue Heron Daily Message Cards The Blue Heron Daily Message Cards are a beautiful tool to help enhance our spiritual growth, strengthen natural intuitive abilities, and be an enjoyable part of any daily spiritual practice for years to come. (Click on photo to enlarge) The illustration of the Blue Heron is a digital copy of my original heron that I created on a 2 ft x 18 in. watercolor block paper with pastels, rubbing the colors into the paper to create a soft and intense image. The Blue Heron holds a central purpose in the creation of the deck. Heron represents self-reflection, self-determination, wisdom, and self-reliance in following one’s intuition. The 55 individual messages took several years to perfect, as I was able to incorporate my gifts and experiences as a psychic empath medium, writer and artist to create what I believe is one of the most comprehensive daily message divination tools. The cards encompass the four pillars of the spiritual, physical, feminine, and masculine aspects that reside within us all. The cards address our strengths and weaknesses, our creativity, our thoughts and choices, love and kindness, grief and fear, goals and passions, freedom and forgiveness, and community and unity, to name a few. There are 55 cards in the deck, a 16 page Instruction Booklet for beginning and advanced practice, and a beautifully illustrated box. Each card top has a brilliant color illustration of the Blue Heron art work. The cards are a professional quality playing card with a high gloss finish and rounded edges. The message side of each card contains a ghost image background of the illustration with a clearly printed message for the day. There are 55 individual messages on 3 x 5 playing cards. $35.00 + $5.00 shipping = $40.00 

True Stories of a Psychic Empath Medium

by Triza Schultz

Click on my book image, and the link will take you directly to The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle. Also available on line at Barnes & Noble, any on-line book store, or directly from Trafford Publishing at

True Stories of a Psychic Empath Medium contains some of the most meaningful and fascinating stories of my spiritual and paranormal life experiences, spanning from childhood through to adult life. My first clearly remembered spiritual vision occurred at the age of five. Paranormal encounters continued into my teen years and beyond, significantly shaping my views about universal spirituality and why we incarnate into the physical form.

Through life stories and excerpts from twenty-two years of journaling, I will take you on a magical journey to parallel dimensions with spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, past life episodes, as well as confrontations with the mischievous and a brush with the spiritual dark side.

The purpose for writing this book was to help people realize that they are not alone. Everyone has a story of their own with the spiritual and paranormal realm – that it’s absolutely a part of who we are because we are all spiritual beings having a human physical experience for our own evolution. It’s not a figment of imagination, dreams are not meaningless, and we are never separate from the whole of the universe.

Editorial Review

“I’m a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairalience, and as a medium, I see and communicate with nature, and also with human and animal spirits who’ve crossed over from physical death.” Excerpt by Triza Schultz

“A delightful read of 300 pages, the author’s book takes us through the various lives of a psychic medium with all of the twists and turns that this involves. The author discusses her history and the family’s history of intuitive abilities throughout a number of stories.

Well-written and well-organized, the book not only explores the author’s experiences but also is an excellent teaching work regarding the meanings of such spirit connections as related to life on other planes of existence. These paranormal experiences reveal a candid look at a person’s life and choices and how all of life and death seemingly connects. In examining her own wounds, especially her health issues, the author puts her own personal experiences into the field of examination for her readers. The variety of psychic/spiritual experiences is fascinating, and various stories will resonate in different manners for the reader. Honest, sometimes painful, but always in awe of the connectedness of life, the book is highly recommended.” – by Carol Anderson, D.Min., ACSW, LMSW (US Review of Books)

2020 Eric Hoffer Award

I won the 2020 Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention Award for the Non-Fiction Spiritual category. To view the Eric Hoffer 2020 Awards: Go to:…

The Fear Standard – A Guide And Personal Journey To Regain Our Intuitive Spirit by Triza Schultz Click on my book, and the link will take you directly to The book is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and E-Book. Also available on line at Barnes & Noble, any on-line book store, or directly from Trafford Publishing at All fear is a spiritual matter. This book teaches and guides the reader to recognize, understand, and transcend fear from where it originates. I’ve created 2 categories of fear: Original Fear and Evolved Fear. Evolved Fear contains two subcategories: Positive Evolved Fear and Negative Evolved Fear. We mainly create patterns of Negative Evolved Fear. Significant parts of my own life are woven into the pages, describing obstacles of fear I’ve encountered, how I experienced them as an intuitive empath, and finally overcame them. I believe everyone is intuitive. Most people have blocked their natural intuitive abilities due to fear conditioning. There are questions at the end of every chapter for you to write down your experiences, and determine the primary categories of fear that your own life patterns fall into. You can learn how to re-connect with your true self – your Higher Self and Divine Guidance in regaining your natural intuitive resources with a strong ability to listen and follow your inner truth. When fear is no longer the major player in your life, joy and harmony are the natural outcome! (buy on Amazon)