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January 1, 2019 by Triza Schultz

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The Fire of the Enlightened Word

This is a number 3 year for the planet (2019 = 12 = 3)

Meaning of Number 3

As with all energy, there are the positive (strength in light/love) and the negative (weakness/separation from light/love) aspects in any dimension of duality, Mother Earth being one of the planetary schools so to speak, in order to learn spiritual lessons in this dual arena to further evolve as infinite spiritual beings.  Here is a list of key words that represent the number 3:

Positive:  Imagination, Inspiration, Emotion, Creative Talent, Gift of Words, Gift of Vision, Artistic Feeling, Prophetic Impressions, Self-Expression, Optimism, Happiness, Merriment, Love of Pleasure

Negative:  Fads, Fancies, Extravagance, Exaggeration, Gossip, Selfishness, Self-centered, Excessive talk, Lack of direction, Scattered energy and possessions, Unfinished undertakings, Moodiness, Criticism, Withholding forgiveness

Number 3 is gifted with the magic power of the word and is tapped with the fire of enthusiasm.  Positively used, the number 3 can turn what seems impossible into the possible, manifesting that which has never been before.  It is the number of dreams visualized in the mind’s eye that speaks the word and dreams come true. Beauty rewards its efforts when the positive aspects of 3 are used to speak of a being’s inner sight and feeling.  Beauty being the response to the streaming exuberance which pours forth.  The creative fire of 3 is inherit in all genres of artistic expression and invention.

Two of earth’s creatures that embody the creative, expressive, and joyful energy of the number 3 can be seen in the otter and hummingbird.

The number 3 also signifies inner strength and completion that comes from experience and self-exploration.  Three stands for the trilogy, as in the past-present-future, body-mind-spirit, or father-mother-child.  

Global Influence

On the global front, the key words that encapsulate the focus for 2019 are the enlightened word. The world of humanity and the living earth we stand upon are trumpeting loudly to call forth another beginning of many strong, positive, creative ideas that require world leaders and communities of people to come together in a united front to outline constructive steps that can pull us out of the rise of dark energy in hopes to accomplish something positive in 2019 and beyond.  This year will be the awakening of this need based on the revelation of organized honest educated information which will help most realize that the earth and humanity have been wounded by a few strategic dark forces of illusion imposing authoritative power for personal financial gain through less obvious means whose intent has been to weaken others.  Anyway, after the dust of shock, denial, shift the blame, bargaining, and finally acceptance settles in. Diversion chaos to attempt to cloud truth will get backed further into a corner by the end of the year.  This is finally being seen as the illusion it has been to incapacitate and confuse people.   

Leaders who work with the forces of light from political to spiritual hold a true aim to find common ground and outline beneficial steps to bring united diverse democracies back together again, will have the best of the creative fire of the number 3 to support them in the most optimistic way.  If this course becomes the foremost choice, humanity can begin to slough off the feelings of paralysis and confusion that earmarks fear.  Of course, none of this happens overnight.  2019 is the year in which the fog begins to lift and people begin to come together dressed in their best efforts for the greater good.

This is all a part of the cyclical process of spiritual human evolution on earth from the ignorance of stagnant confined darkness to the free movement toward light – from fear to love.  Just four short years ago, the world took for granted the belief that the majority of humanity had learned past devastating lessons from the worst darkness of our species, but dark force representatives have risen again to remind us that we haven’t yet evolved far enough.  These dark representatives took positions of power over people through the free will of the people in ignorance.  A most common scenario when fear of the other is used to cloud and fuel chaos.

A united front of leaders recognize that enlightened knowledge brings empowerment and there are things that have been hidden which now must be revealed.  From further disclosure of diverse life beyond earth, human devastation to the earth bound for the next extinction if left unchecked, and of course, the democracy of a free world.  These are all wake up calls on the lessons of inclusiveness and the elimination of separation.    Enlightened honest communication will be a requirement so the world will know how to progress forward and people can begin to trust one another, breathe more peacefully, and move freely informed for the choices they make in the world around them.  The world has just come out of one of the most destructive forms of last year’s number 2 year of duality.  Divisive separation through false words couldn’t have caused a wider rift.  But now, everything will begin to change if actions taken are for the greater service to all.  And it is the magic of the enlightened word that will educate free will to swing the pendulum back into a stronger place of harmony. 

Let’s all armor ourselves in the great empowering strength of hope, for this year is a year to play with imagination, to dream, envision, apply honest wise communication whose basis is inclusion with all people of the world, and take positive action to repair the beautiful fabric of Mother Earth and the spirit of humanity that walks and lives on her, to revealing the truth about diverse other planet life.  The ropes of illusion that have bound us are unraveling.  It’s time to come back out and play together in the best way possible and use the positive creative power of the enlightened word to bring us all back together again.

Individual Influence

To determine if this is a number 3 year for us personally, add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year.  This rule is the same for everyone.  Here’s an example on how to figure it:

Birth month is August = (8)   Birth day is 10 = (1)   Current year is 2019 = (12=3)

Total: 8 + 1 + 3 = 12 = 3

Number 3 Year

Not only does everyone have the planetary influence of number 3 energy in the 2019 year itself, those who are also entering their number 3 personal year couldn’t have more support to carry them through successfully.  This could be one of your happiest years if a few things remain at the forefront of your mind – like developing a mantra:  Hold the focus of your dream or vision, don’t take yourself so seriously, and put your best foot forward and do everything possible to improve yourself.  Positive communication is key in your personal and work relationships.  Your creative enthusiasm will be catchy this year.  There are going to be so many inspirational, creative, and imaginative forces happening in your life and now is the time to make use of these ideas which seem to fill you.  At the same time, it’s important to focus on one or two so you don’t scatter your energy in an attempt to chase after too many like Don Quixote chasing windmills and get nothing done.  Remember to focus and give your full attention, taking one step after another to see them through in time to their fullest creation.  Don’t plan on everything being completed this year.  Think of yourself as the caterpillar weaving the cocoon in preparation for butterfly transformation.   A note of caution in being so touched by the fire of the creative spirit is that if you just dream and drift, wanting everything without effort, this can be a wasted, unhappy year.

Even in this very creative year, good common sense will ensure positive associations and relationships.  Don’t waste energy and emotions with moodiness, careless unthoughtful speech, talking too much, and gossip that can lead to unnecessary problems.  Personal presentations, lectures, and writing in all their artistic facets are greatly enhanced this year.   Let your communications with others be backed by love and inspire yourself and others by the enlightened word that does not instill fear.  Practice the light side of life with joy and humor which will draw people to you.  This is your optimistic and cheerful year.  Whatever creative endeavor you undertake, know that you are a co-creator with the Divine Creator.  It’s inherent in everyone’s spiritual DNA to create positively great things!


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