2020 Numerology & Psychic Forecast

January 30, 2020 by Triza Schultz

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Building a Stronger Foundation


       Meaning of the Number 4

The number 4 is connected to the four-sided square in geometry, which represents the pattern  for the building and ordering of the psyche and the foundation of the world.  4 energy supports how we get things done in the physical world, stability, hard work, and the work towards tangible achievement with all earthly things, which includes balancing relationship energies with a partner – business or personal.  This 2020 number 4 year marks the manifestation of an ongoing creative cycle of ideas, ventures, plans and visions that had begun in the prior three years – a wholeness movement of energy support to build a greater foundation in our personal and physical worlds.  This energy affects all of us collectively.

Global Influence

On the world stage, humanity is standing on the precipice of great transformation and choice.  We all know this.  There has been a heightened friction and feelings of chaos so palpable that the world seems to be tumbling backwards these last three years.  It certainly appears so.  However, behind the noisy stage of chaos, we’ve been evolving and moving forward because the majority of the world has already chosen the strong foundation of unity that only light and love can bring. So many wonderful plans, people and organizations, visions and inventions have been in the works for years to help the environment of our planet, to feed and heal people, combining the best of all cultures with the out flowing of diverse creative opportunities in the arts, science, and universal spiritual ways of living and being with one another, that includes the mind blowing acknowledgment of life and extraterrestrial beings beyond our planet.  So, yes indeed, we are transforming ourselves exponentially!  We’ve already been communicating face to face with one another in our homes and businesses in most places around the world, and this brings us together.  Our 2020 year is going to see the tangible, physical manifestation of many wonderful ideas that will help strengthen the foundation of a more unified humanity and framework for the healing of our earth.  This will not stop, no matter how thick the fog of darkness and chaos would like to divert it all.  Please take heart!  Be brave.  Be hopeful.  Be positive.  The foundation is being laid for our dreams and visions of a greater unity and peace on earth.  We do have a hole in the road and a detour sign has been set out temporarily, however.

Understand that the light is unknown to those who are afraid of unity.  That’s why the clamor of chaos and negativity is banging so loudly these days.  It’s been seeping into social networks. There will continue to be random clusters of negative and violent behaviors.   No mistake, we’ll have a lot of cleanup work to do for those who’ve been leaving a trail of debris.  And it will get done!  The obvious effects of all the inflicted damage will help open minds and hearts.  More people will finally recognize that the damage their ignorance and stagnation has only taken them in circles of the same.

Please extend prayers of love, peace, and light to the world every day, folks!  Do not get caught up in the judgment game.  Don’t get hooked into the separation negativity of other people and social media.  We must be anchors of light in our own little spot and community on earth.  Collectively, we each help move the spirit of our planet forward.

Individual Influence

To determine if this is a number 4 year for you personally, add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year.  This rule is the same for everyone.  Here’s an example on how to figure it: 

Birth month is July = (7)   Birth day is 02 = (2)   Current year is 2020 = (4)

Total: 7 + 2 + 4 = 13 = 4

Number 4 Year

This 2020 #4 personal year is considered a working year of putting the inspiration and plans of the last year to the last three years into action and manifesting them into something real.  Combined with the 2020 #4 planetary year energy, you have a double increase of #4 energy support. Don’t waste it!  Create a road map now by determining what steps need to be taken.  Take notes as you go along to help keep you focused and accomplish your goals.  A foundation is being laid in your life that can have lasting positive conditions for the future.  Everything that pertains to business, property, agreements, contracts, papers and legal matters, along with the finer details should be attended to.  Of course, all of this involves relationships and communication.  Patience and honesty in all you do is the glue to ease the way forward.  By the end of the year, you should feel some satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished. Within all this activity of building and strengthening a stronger foundation for your future comes the increased practice of positive teamwork, compassion, communication, ingenuity, and optimism.  See this as an advanced course of spiritual development as well because all relationships are a spiritual matter when you get down to root of all the physical work.  How you get there and the outcome of all your good work is about love, after all – love of self and love toward others.

Even though this is a year to work on the practical foundation of your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and relax – of course time off for play and relaxation is a requirement to live life in harmony and have the ability and state of mind to persevere.

Wonderful things can happen with this supportive year for accomplishment, and that’s always a good feeling.

The practical side of 2020 may bring health and financial matters either involving family or your own. It’s so important to attend to these things with compassion and patience, and take an orderly approach that bring positive lasting results so that next year you feel a greater freedom and more fullness of life.  Negativity, impatience, and carelessness does not build a strong foundation or lend lasting strength and happiness to any endeavor.

Use common sense.  Be practical and economical.  Sometimes, it may appear things are moving slower than you desire, but patience and kindness is so important this year, along with hope and a positive attitude to take you to your goals.  The Universe gives you exactly what you put out there.  Make it beautiful and see that beauty reflected back to you.  What a fine year this can be!

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