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January 5, 2022 by Triza Schultz

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The Trumpet Call For Service


Meaning of the Number 6

The Year 2022: 2+2+2 = 6

6 represents equilibrium, cooperation, balance, harmony, perfection, health and time.  Six is indicative of tranquility, warmth, union, marriage, family, and love. In its most positive aspect, 6 also suggests that our mental, emotional, and spiritual states are in harmony.  6 is the energy of a creative process (outer project or inner work) and achievement.

The six-sided figure of the hexagram, as seen in the six-pointed Star of David (Solomon’s Seal) can symbolize the union of masculine/feminine aspects that are parts of each of us, formed by two triangles in a union of opposites, the upper triangle represents fire and the lower represents water, thus 6 is the number of creation, marriage, generation, and evolution.  The Pythagoreans considered 6 the form of forms, the perfection of all the parts, and associate it with immortality.  In Christian symbolism, 6 is also a number of perfection.  In the Kabbalah, 6 represents beauty and creation.

Global Influence

First, a recap flashback:  If 2020 was about recognizing the wobbling foundations of some of the social/political and personal basic structures of our lives, moving us in the direction to build something better, that number 4 year was the earthquake of a wakeup call.  The planetary coronavirus pandemic, the likes that hasn’t been seen in over 100 years, completely and sadly illuminated this need.  No one has been left untouched.

And if the number 5 year of 2021 was about change, transforming the difficult awakening process work that 2020 asked of us in order to build something new, true, and more equitable within the spiritual and physical framework of our lives, which will ultimately have a long-term effect on the strength and unity for ourselves, family, and community, the burning question now facing us is, “Are we truly creating something better for ourselves in our little space of the world?”

We began searching for the value in our lives these last two years, isolated, wearing our jammies and slippers…waiting for the word when we could safely resume normal life. But then, we began to ask what our normal actually was.  Did we like it?  Were we happy with that normal?  So many people in the world realized they weren’t.  Deflecting away the rampant external fear/fiction peddling, so many of us began to remember their dreams and realize new ones.  And during this time, plans for meaningful change began cooking and taking form in the core of us.

Even though on the surface, 2021 seemed stagnant with not much change on the world stage with establishment fracturing, there has quietly been plenty brewing in individual lives.  And positive changes in individual lives adds up to world change. People have had a lot of time to question what is most valuable in their lives on all levels – the silver lining of the lengthy pandemic isolation.  Universal Truth is sacred, we decided.  And that brings us to the number 6 energy of 2022.

2022 represents the energy of the number 6 for the planet, and begins to take center stage for the next 12 months.  So here we are surrounded in all the potential of the number 6.  Embrace it.  Inhale it.  It’s here to stay for a year and this universal 6 energy now blanketing our planet wants to guide us in realizing the changes we desire for ourselves and in relation to others, and have the courage and strength, knowing the sacrifices it can take to manifest something better in our lives – something that fulfills our individual creative purpose, and ultimately in service to our collective purpose of harmony within humanity.  SERVICE, then, is our trumpet call for 2022.

What does true service look like?  On a global perspective, I’d like to share a simple, message that Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014), an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist, penned in hope to provide some clarity to this question.  The potential in these few words is rich:

“We need joy as we need air.

We need love as we need water.

We need each other as we need the earth we share.”

The numerological energy number for the word “service” is the number 9 (1+5+9+4+9+3+5=36 = 9).  I find the synchronicity in this number representing our number 6 year fascinating, but not surprising.  The Universe shows us our infinite connectivity. Number 9 not only represents completion, but fully represents the energy of inspiration, wisdom, responsibility, and service to humanity in seeking to improve the world, which always begins within ourselves, our relationships, and community.

The rewards we savor best are the ones that may take great courage and perseverance, faith, patient calculation and planning, little steps and big steps, to achieve our vision for accomplishing and doing our deepest desires, especially the ones we didn’t think we could achieve.  Walking the true path of our spiritual heart’s desire, that creative force within us that drives our purpose to use our gifts, talents, and abilities for the joy of it, not only our desire for our personal value fulfillment, but within our community, and ultimately, the greater whole.  Such an encompassing ripple effect we question?  But of course!  We are all interconnected with one another and nature.  The moment that the majority of humanity comprehends this universal truth of connection versus separation, is the moment in history that hurting ourselves and others, along with our planet, will cease.

Therefore, service is the call in 2022 to everyone on the planet to do all we are called to do to bring us together, to create harmony, and to share our gifts, no matter how big or small we estimate them to be.  Every, every, single one of us has great value to give and share with the world.  It’s time to believe in ourselves and move forward.  The planet will be radiating from all 7 energy chakras of our bodies this year, with an emphasis on 3: The Sacral Chakra – Color Orange, representing Creativity and Self-Worth, located just below our belly button; the Heart Chakra – Color Green, representing Love; the Throat Chakra – Color Blue, representing Inspiration and Clear Communication.

We each continually create the world.  And it starts first within us.  Our truest desire is to be and share Love.  Love in all its many beautiful expressions and forms.  And we are the ones to cast a new world through service.  We couldn’t be more supported in 2022!

Individual Influence

To determine if this is a number 6 year for you personally, add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year.  This rule is the same for everyone.  Here’s an example on how to figure it:

Birth month is April = (4)   Birth day is 6 = (6)   Current year is 2021 = (5)

Total: 4 + 6 + 5 = 15 = 6

It’s an important year for you to learn true service and dedication to yourself. The number 6 says, “Time to focus on bringing some fresh air of freedom and expansion into more established areas that embrace my abilities to serve myself, my family, home, and community with more love and devotion.”  Learn that if you take good care of yourself, everyone benefits.  If you run around attempting to please everyone, chances are you please no one and may end up incredibly frustrated and resentful, which can lead to emotional stress and unnecessary health issues.

Joyful giving and service are different than doing things you feel you must.  Learn how to appreciate yourself.  Notice all that you always do for others.  It’s so important to learn to thank yourself so that you aren’t dependent on others.  When you choose to “agree” to do something, you have placed yourself in the empowered role of creator, not victim.

Take care of your physical body as health is a priority this year, and you can make some positive changes for your physical well-being that becomes a way of life, serving YOU going forward!  Love and nurture yourself with beauty.  Surround yourself in simple beauty and appreciate the beauty in nature and humanity. Wear vibrant colors.

You have responsibilities to meet, obligations to pay up, and duty to accept.  Service is the keynote to success and happiness in 2022.  In fact, this is your duty year, for unselfishness, truth, justice, charity, and humanity should be your motives in everything you do.  There is much to harmonize, for love, money, health, and friendship can suddenly depart if disharmony is allowed to persist.

There is something to be talked over, and it may be necessary for you to take advice from friends, relatives, someone in authority, or a therapist to realize improvements.  Consider not only your highest good, but also the good others.  Your motto is, “Everything for the highest good for all,” which includes YOU!

The number 6 represents marriage and unity and it’s opposite, divorce or separation, so this year may be significant in strengthening and renewing your union, or making a decision to separate or divorce.  Everyone benefits if you learn to be your own best friend.  This year is about loving.  Ask yourself, “What does loving look like, feel like, and sound like to me?”

Getting settled in your work and other affairs includes some new creative endeavor that began for you within the last 2 years.  Afterall, you’ve had a lot of extra time to envision and plan this.  You can bring this slowly into form this year. And exciting it is!  Don’t be in a big rush, though.  Don’t cut corners and be impatient with yourself and others.  This may be a vison you’ve had since childhood, and you’re finally realizing life isn’t just about doing what has to be done, but about actually joyfully doing what you’ve always wanted to do!  Yes!  Keep your ideals high and your feet on the ground.  You are given the opportunity to instill ideals into the hearts and minds of others this year too.

It is said that the most evolved people are the ones who can laugh the most.  When you are thinking about how to be helpful, think about bringing more light into the world and finding the humor in things.  For this year, you are a bringer of light, not by only being of service in the ways you’ve been doing, but a greater service where you are making ready to use those gifts that you’ve once dreamt about so many years ago!

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  1. Bobbie Halverson

    This is exactly what I needed to read, Triza. Thank you for the clarity. I feel the dynamic energies around me daily. It may be seen as stress, but I know it is more than that. I’m looking forward to the changes of 2021.

    • Patriza Schultz

      Hi Bobbie,

      So glad my 2021 Numerology and Psychic Forecast gave you some clarity! It’s so wonderful that you can discern the energies around you beyond the label of stress. Thanks so much for your comments..

  2. Lisa Cummings

    Do you do private readings?

    • Patriza Schultz

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes, I do private spiritual readings. To learn more about me, you can go to the About page here on my website, and read my biography. Then go to the the Consultations page and read about how I do readings. If you desire a reading, then go to my Store page and choose the reading you’d like, and purchase it there. I will contact you via email once I receive payment to schedule a date and time for your reading.
      Thank you, and best wishes!

      • Pat

        Where are you located

        • Patriza Schultz

          I am on the central coast of California, USA. Can I be of any assistance?


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