2018 Animal Totem – White Crane

January 1, 2018 by Triza Schultz

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For the first time, I am presenting a world animal totem for 2018. I had a vision while meditating for guidance into our new year, and saw the most beautiful white bird. I thought perhaps it was a stork because I felt a rebirth energy around the image. So, once I began my research, I suddenly came upon the White Crane, and knew without a doubt this is what was given to me. Not to be confused with the Chinese Year of the Dog for 2018, we have an addition! And the energy and wisdom of White Crane is so completely in sync with our Numerology Number 2 Year that represents sensitivity, and balance out of duality in relationships.

The Crane or Whooping Crane as it’s also called, is found in many places around the world, and can have a variety of color enhancements, like wings that look like they’ve been dipped in black ink for example, or a red feather cap on the head. They are ancient and magnificent birds.

“Honorable Lord Crane,” is the symbol of spiritual justice and longevity whose appearance can help us to draw upon our intuition, awakening freshness within old traditions for new growth.

The crane is both a solar symbol and a herald for death. This contrast is significant in that cranes teach the need for both life and death as part of the same process. Crane always heralds the end or change of old ways so that a new expression can be born within them. Could this wisdom be any more relevant than it is today?

As a wading bird, cranes can comfortably move between water, land, earth, and sky. They can open doors between all worlds, realms, times and traditions, stimulating new tangible, spiritual experiences, revealing how death is just a transition – a cycle – not an end.

In more ancient times, the hierophants, the priests and priestesses, were schooled in walking between worlds, with all that this implies. Because of its link between worlds, cranes can awaken past lives, revealing how ancient we truly are and how the past is affecting our present. Therefore, this link can bring a new understanding to the world karma, our life issues, the sacrifices we have made or are making, and how the laws of spiritual justice play out within our life.

We are witnessing how our past is affecting the present most sharply right now! Hence, deeper conflicts – one for change, and another that wants to remain the same. This is the challenge we all have to undertake with duality. To be able to see how the past is affecting our present takes a focused choice of conscious awareness, and this is crucial during 2018 in all arenas of life. I believe we’ve become keenly aware of this through our reflections of the past turbulent year.

In the wild, the crane often lays two eggs, but usually only rears one. The parents are very secretive in rearing their vulnerable young. A crane’s appearance may indicate that we are not applying the focus we should or that we need to develop a new sense of secrecy in regards to something being given birth to within our life. The crane can reflect for both men and women a need to give more time and attention to the children, literally and figuratively. We can apply this wisdom now in providing more protection for our children from negative influences and teaching them empathy for all living beings that we share the world with.

A crane might also reveal where we are too rigid in our beliefs and traditions, conforming to them without knowing why or for what benefit other than “that is the way it has always been done.” The world has been deeply experiencing the conflict between change and old traditions. Now is the time to examine our perspectives, reviewing where we have been following the traditions of the past that have perhaps outlived their usefulness – especially where they tend to separate us from one another through labels and judgments.

The white crane reminds us that spiritual justice will play itself out within the mundane world, but not necessarily according to how we believe it should. The universe is neutral and does not take sides or choose based on religious dogmas or political preferences, which belong to the realm of human ego. We need to remember that justice will unfold in the time, manner, and means that is best.

It’s more important than ever to seek balance in our conflicts with duality through open-mindedness and compassion. Be patient. Be kind. Find our commonalities. Protect our children and teach the laws of giving and receiving in the world. Do not participate in gossip, or any negative energies directed at others, including ourselves. We are doing the journey. Not easy is it… But it’s worth it in every way to advance as spiritual beings toward a more civilized and peaceful world that our children can take pride in.

Reference book: Animal-Wise, The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature, by Ted Andrews

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