2021 Numerology & Psychic Forecast

January 5, 2021 by Triza Schultz

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Transformation – The Master of Change



Meaning of the Number 5

The Year 2021: 2+2+1 = 5

Five represents new vision, change, persuasiveness, spontaneity, boldness, daring nature, action, and humanity. The number five represents the five human senses and is an awakening of the senses. It urges us to be more “sensitive” to our senses.   Five’s geometric symbol is the five-pointed star which represents the dominion of mind over the lower nature. In ancient Egypt, stars on the ceiling of a tomb represented the soul; therefore, archetypally, five is related to eternity, transformation, life/death and birth/rebirth issues.  Thus, it is the link between heaven and earth.  Five also represents equilibrium, because it divides 10, the perfect number in two.  The number 5 is often expressed by five-leafed plants, such as the rose, lily, or vine.

 Global Influence

If 2020 was about recognizing the wobbling foundations of some of the social/political and combined personal structures of our lives planetarily, moving us in the desire to create something better, last year’s number 4 year was an earthquake and wake up call.  The planetary coronavirus pandemic, something that hasn’t been seen in over 100 years completely, sadly, illuminated this.  No one has been untouched.  Everyone has been reevaluating the meaning of life.  We’re separating truth from fiction – perhaps generations of fiction.  Now, in jumps 2021, a number 5 year. The Number 5 Year of 2021 is all about TRANSFORMING all our processing work of last year, to build something new, true and more equitable in another unprecedented year that includes spiritual transformational change with the supportive energy backing great potential, teamwork, unity, and hope. We are essentially on a spiritual spiral of heightened awakening. And the cleanup of 2020’s crumbling foundations and illusions are going to be architecturally re-designed, both from a spiritual, mental, and physical standpoint. Truly, on all levels over time. We have work to do.

The Great Conjunction on December 21st of last year, when Jupiter met Saturn in Aquarius for the first time since 1405, was an astrological cosmic gift offering new vision and hope for a brighter future. We are moving fully into the Age of Aquarius. This is the last time this conjunction will occur for another 20 years, so we are being given a divine boost of support after 2020 challenged us in ways the last two generations have never seen nor endured. Truly a time of celebration to know that the Universe is providing additional help to see us through!  And we will move forward.

There will be news about conservative political parties, especially in the United States, breaking away in an unprecedented split from extremism, and forming another moderate party.  This has been whispered behind closed doors for about two years, and should become public as early as the end of 2021. The reason is simple.  Most conservatives don’t want to continue to be a part of the growing autocratic ideologies within the last four years in their old party.  It is widely known that democracy is at stake.  I usually speak in generalities when it comes to politics in my yearly forecasts.  However, this subject is so huge, and envelopes our social and personal lives, that I simply can’t tip toe around it, and make insinuations, hoping you’ll read between the lines.  This will be a good thing folks!  This is an example of a new vision of change and will counterbalance what I will call lower energies at play.  A new architectural foundation of checks and balances on the planet.

The planet is currently working from the heart chakra – a true emerald green energy color of healing, understanding, forgiveness, unity, love, and new growth for both the environment of Mother Earth and for humanity. We recognize we can’t separate ourselves.  Envision prayer work and meditation on this beautiful green energy this year.  When we have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and powerless, acknowledge the feelings, and then ask of ourselves what we can personally do to be of service during these tremendous growing and changing pains.  It can be something so very simple within our family, for ourselves, friends, our neighbors, and for the environment. We are part of all this.  2021 is the emerald green color of love and healing.  After all, love is what feeds us spiritually and what is universally true for everyone.  Let’s stay curious.  Let’s create new adventures and experiment with the growing new structures of our lives.  The number 5 energy gives us the wings to fly, however we dance our journey!

Individual Influence

To determine if this is a number 5 year for you personally, add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year.  This rule is the same for everyone.  Here’s an example on how to figure it:

Birth month is March = (3)   Birth day is 6 = (6)   Current year is 2021 = (5)

Total: 3 + 6 + 5 = 14 = 5

Number 5 Year

For those of us who are entering our personal number five year that merges with the planetary number 5 energies of 2021, all I want to say is, wow!  And hold on to the reins!  Because of the intensity of the number five energies, along with the wonderful support from the Great Conjunction that happily bowed us gracefully into the Age of Aquarius, this double five arrangement is going to require us to stay grounded throughout the year.  We will want to fly into unknown, uncharted, exciting new adventures and projects.  That’s the boost of a number five year after we’ve been tending to the foundations of what’s true in our lives since last year, yet, the energy can become too heady, and it’s important to check the wings and landing gears of our lives to ensure we are not biting off more than we can chew, that we haven’t gotten too far ahead of ourselves, or on the complete downside, that we aren’t procrastinating and haven’t even gotten on the runway!  Breath.

Feeling too restless and impatient is a sign that we could feel things aren’t moving along as quickly as we’d like, and this could cause resentments.  Stop that!  Be especially kind to everyone and to ourselves.  Slow down when needed so unneeded haste and quarreling doesn’t lead to waste later and burnt bridges.  There will be feelings of being unsettled from time to time.  Be conscious of this number 5 energy and stay grounded with active play and recreation that burns up that restlessness.  Meditation and breathing will help tremendously.

Change and new are our two keywords for the year.  Overall, transformation!  We must all remember that without change there is no growth, and we have earned the right to a fuller life after the last few years.  But please, this doesn’t mean we thumb our nose to the wind and recklessly go sow new oats where none need be sowed, if you get my drift. Instead, it means to plan a definite goal for advancement and be resourceful enough to make adjustments which are necessary for improvement.

Changing conditions and eventful happenings will add new life and color to our undertakings, forcing us into step with progress. Overall, this year affords us a lovely opportunity for growth.  If we keep an open mind, we’ll realize we are able to renew our affairs, clearing up old conditions for more personal freedom and advancement.

If we feel progress can come only through breaking up old conditions that no longer serve us, we must be sure to do this in a compassionate, constructive way and not jump too impulsively. All changes should be for the highest good for all, with wisdom and diplomacy. Travel, move, and do something to freshen up our living space.

Emerald green, cherry, and wisteria are wonderful supportive colors this year!

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  1. Bobbie Halverson

    This is exactly what I needed to read, Triza. Thank you for the clarity. I feel the dynamic energies around me daily. It may be seen as stress, but I know it is more than that. I’m looking forward to the changes of 2021.

    • Patriza Schultz

      Hi Bobbie,

      So glad my 2021 Numerology and Psychic Forecast gave you some clarity! It’s so wonderful that you can discern the energies around you beyond the label of stress. Thanks so much for your comments..


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