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Introduction – Messages in Dreams

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I have had vivid dreams all my life, including visions, premonitions, and past life dreams. I’ve never felt alone because I know my spirit is connected with Divine Guidance in the higher dimensions of the Other Side and is communicating with me through my dreams.  As spiritual beings, our dreams are the work and playground arena from the spiritual plane of our existence that help guide us in the physical world. We just need to remember how to use all that free material to help us!

I began the practice of journaling my dreams in 1997 through studying and applying the ancient art of dream symbols to my dreams.  I also incorporate the art of Numerology, which is working with the energy of numbers associated to language/things to unlock deeper meaning in my dream messages.  Especially those crazy abstract dreams we have… They all have significance. My book library currently contains 20 years of dream journals – an entire shelf of its own!  I have personal proof, as recorded history of the ancients have had, that revealing the wisdom of our dreams was always meant to guide us in every facet of life.

I want to pass on my knowledge and experience in the art of dream interpretation to you because I’ve found nothing more empowering, fascinating, fun, and rewarding than to be consciously aware of our own spiritual journey in working with our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors within the spiritual dream realm to help guide us on this physical earth journey of healing and growth. We all have a purpose and destiny of intention in this incarnation, and our dreams are our personal mainline access for guidance to achieve our heart-spirit’s desires.

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“Sunrise by the Ocean” by Vladimir Kush

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