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Each of us has symbols that are unique for us in dreams.  There are things that have a significant meaning for me that can mean something entirely different for someone else based on life experiences/perceptions.  There are many symbols and physical things that are common representations for most people, along with the dream archetypes.  For example, water represents the emotions; a house represents the self with the various rooms being different aspects of the self.

The following dream essentials are symbols common in dreams and that also have common meaning and understanding universally – another level of dream archetype.

The first thing about becoming acquainted with the dream dimension is to remember our emotions – how we feel in the dream.  That’s the most important information to remember before we work with interpretation, being the additional reflection that reveals what’s happening in our conscious waking life.

We interpret the full meaning of the dream based on our feelings, our personal connections and life experiences with things associated with dream symbols within the content of each dream.  I highly recommend having at least two good dream dictionaries on hand.  No one dream book dictionary contains everything, and interpretations can vary.

In order to remember our dreams, it’s helpful to state to ourselves aloud that we will remember our dreams with clarity upon awakening, and always have a notebook or journal with pen/pencil by the bed.  When waking up, lie still for a few moments in order to recall any dreams before writing them down.  This is the routine.  The reason people don’t remember dreams is due to the habit of jumping out of bed with all the day’s chores in mind, and the dream can be lost when the mind isn’t quietly focused.

Working on our dreams for a period of time will show us a pattern of what is going on in our day to day conscious life.   They will show us conditions, situations, relationships, feelings, hopes and wishes that we can work with.  They’ll send us on a mini vacation of refreshment and play when we’re working hard, or tell us to slow down.  Our dreams will show us experiences of our past lives if situations are applicable to the lessons of our present life experience – something we’ve carried into the present and are still working on or because we have a strong connection of love and we simply want to visit/remember.  Past life recall can also show us strengths and talents we can rely upon or bring back into consciousness.

Here are five short dreams with key word interpretations:

Dream #1

It was a warm, sunny day and I felt happy with a sense of expectation, as I walked along a country road with a suitcase in my hand.   I saw a heart-shaped white cloud in the sky and knew everything was going to be okay.

Key Word Interpretation

The words happy and expectation in the dream give us one of the most important pieces of information.  The key words are as follows.  Now read the dream again, using the key words and unlock a much richer meaning.

Daytime/Sunlight: (sunny day) Daytime represents light, consciousness, and awareness; clarity of thought.  Daytime suggests enough light or energy to see with clarity

Country:  Time for growth, creativity, and relaxation; many creative choices and options; being in a new or changed life situation

Road:  Your direction in life; “straight ahead”; your sense of direction; your life’s path

Suitcase/Luggage:  Needed resources; support; composed, together person; a much needed vacation or break; a change of scenery in your life.

Heart:   Truth, courage, love, and romance; how you are currently dealing with your feelings and expressing your emotions.

Cloud:  Fluffy, white clouds signify inner peace, spiritual harmony and compassion; an issue in your waking life may be clearing up.

Dream #2

It was nighttime and I was inside a house where everything was being moved out. The stuff was old junk.  Then I was in a closet pulling out old clothes that hadn’t been worn in years.  I was very determined to give them away and move out!

Key Word Interpretation

There is an awareness and clarity emerging from the unconscious and a focus on making changes and moving forward in this dream.  The feeling of determination suggests strength and courage as well.  Unlock the deeper meaning using the key words to read the dream.

Night:  Moving into unknown parts of self; something unknown emerging from the unconscious into consciousness

House:  Self

Moving:  Moving in or out of a place signifies your desire or need for change; an end to a situation or relationship; you are moving on; your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence.

Junk:  Old things and ideas no longer necessary to you

Closet:  Storage place for attitudes, ideas and memories

Clothes:  Roles or games we play; attitudes; one’s social presentation, façade or appearance we wish to make upon the world

Dream #3

I saw two robins on the ground near me. One was fluffing its feathers and the other one hopped near me.  Being with the birds was wonderful.

Key Word Interpretation

The birds being close to the dreamer leave no doubt who the message was intended for.  Read the dream using the key words and unlock the meaning!

Two:  Two of the same animal/creature often indicates movement/change in the unconscious that will soon be available to consciousness.  Two can symbolize a marriage of opposites, and therefore, healing.

Robin: (Bird) Robin represents new beginnings and springtime; a time for growth; inspired by the possibilities

Dream #4

I saw flower pots with purple petunias outside on the front porch of a house.  The flowers were as vines, growing upwards on a pillar.  They were so lovely and my favorite flowers.

Key Word Interpretation

Something spiritually and creatively new is growing – a beautiful dream message.  Again, read the dream using the key words.

Flower:  Unfolding of flowers is a sign of good health, growth, a direction of beauty and fulfillment; goal/achievement; may symbolize the person themselves – flowering of new energies and ideas

Flowerpot:  Symbolized the womb and the feminine aspects of self; also protection and nurturing

Purple:  Devotion; healing abilities; loving, kindness and compassion; color of royalty, justice and dignity; intuition; wisdom; the instincts sublimated in the service of the spirit

Petunia: (Flower) In pagan tradition, they are a talisman for protection; numerology is #5 = holds a destiny and fulfillment – to accept change – not be afraid of change and not always rely on what is familiar; growing outdoors petunias signify pleasant and friendly social affairs; you will prove yourself among colleagues and society; you will also have contacts and happy meetings

Porch: (Front) Extended part of self; enjoyment; relaxation; front also represents your persona – if the porch is open then it suggests your outgoing nature and welcoming attitude.

House:  Self

Vine:  Flowering life energy; the potential for nourishment; hopes, ambitious thoughts or ideas

Pillar: Strength; stability; firm stance

Dream #5

Someone was following me, so I started walking faster.  Looking over my shoulder, all I could see was a dark, shadowy person and it was getting closer.  I panicked and ran!

Key Word Interpretation

A positive side of the shadow can represent a gift – a potential for wholeness once fears have been brought into the light and faced.  Facing a fear dissolves it, and removes the burden of anxiety from our consciousness.  To get insight, before we go to sleep at night, write down or speak an intention of having the dream again and this time we will stop and face our pursuer and ask for understanding.   Remember, we are the creators of our dreams!

Unknown person: An unknown aspect of self

Dark/Shadow:  Fear or illusion that follows you; something unknown emerging from the unconscious and wanting to be recognized; the dark part of our personality, whatever it is that we’re afraid to face or believe is not a part of our personality; aspect of ourselves that is neglected.

Followed:  The person/animal following you can represent unfinished business; repressed emotions; old memories/situations

Run:  To run away from something means you are not yet ready or willing to deal with a situation; running away from aspects of self because of fear


Dream Books/Dictionaries – I recommend having at least 2 dream dictionaries on hand as interpretations can vary.  Some books have more extensive information than others.

The Dream Book:  Symbols for Self Understanding by Betty Bethards April 2016 edition

Cloud Nine – A Dreamer’s Dictionary by Sandra A Thomson

Dream Dictionary – An A to Z Guide to Understand Your Unconscious Mind by Tony Crisp

The Dreamer’s Dictionary – Understand the Deeper Meaning of Your Dreams by Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett

The Encyclopedia of Dreams – Symbols & Interpretations by Rosemany Ellen Guiley

Dream websites




http://www.dyed4you.com/colors.html    (details on color meanings)

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