Why Are We On Earth? – Part IV:
Express Our Talents/Gifts In The World

August 26, 2017 by Triza Schultz

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That creative fire! We are born with it inside us. It’s how civilizations of humanity evolve. Millions and billions of us, each individually contributing to the world we see today – for good or ill. Whatever we choose to create in the world comes as a choice from within us. The Universe has created the backdrop of a beautiful Earth and we are the players of creation, always searching, learning, practicing and even mastering our gifts, talents and abilities into hopefully, something beyond mere survival. But make no mistake about it, those of us who are in areas on the planet where “surviving” is the main focus, recognize that even through the most difficult circumstances always lies our inner creator, working out creative ways to overcome and to one day ultimately thrive beyond surviving. Knowledge through whatever means of experience and education is the key.

Each one of us maps out our own path of spiritual growth at the rate we are able to take, always learning, healing, and growing through physical incarnations. People, especially children, remember their past lives. We accumulate growth through many physical lifetimes on Mother Earth as well as other planets that would suit physical experiences as beginners, intermediates, and masters of the phases of spiritual growth in the physical realms. The physical realms pose obvious opportunities and challenges – a body, physical objects, and gravity. We’re all on the same path Home. We just get to do it at our own pace!

We have arrived at the fourth way for spiritual seekers on the path to discovering the purpose for our presence on Mother Earth. It is finding ways to express our talents and gifts in the world. The fourth way brings us full circle to encompassing The Path of Four Ways. All are intertwined with one another and cannot be successfully accomplished without understanding that we must naturally integrate and practice all four. (Please refer to my first three articles of Why Are We On Earth? – Parts I, II and III at

As evolving beings of consciousness with infinite possibilities to create, we are born into the world at different times in history and knowledge, geographic areas, civilizations and cultures that include organized rules and laws within religions, education, spiritual practices, family and social traditions, down to roles we play with clothes, sex and sexual orientation, to the ideas of physical wealth or the lack of, including the status applied to each of these. The setting is already in place for each of us when we incarnate into a given place, time, and circumstance – the map we have to work with!

We are here on earth to also joyfully express and manifest our gifts in the world. We are here to play with the magic of our creative selves in this physical realm. This type of joy, worthy of every great challenge we may have to overcome, continues to give because if we are sharing our gifts, it gives us the greatest joy and happiness as we are here accomplishing a part of our purpose.

It is born within us to create joyfully in the world, no matter what it is, and if our creative expression gets blocked for too long – if what we are doing does not bring some level of reward and satisfaction – we become depressed. In other words, the greatest part of why we are here is obstructed. Our spirit becomes heavy. That becomes painful in about every way. Healing what obstructs us will then be the challenge to overcome. Many times these lessons are built into our map of life to help us grow, become stronger, and know the meaning of gratitude.

It is true that time appears to stop when we are doing what we love. And to receive gratitude and appreciation from others for what we do and share with our community is again, the greatest joy we can receive. This is a perfect example of the joy of giving and receiving and the symphony of this spiritual lesson in growth is beautiful beyond words.

Having the love and talent for drawing and painting may be the flag that tells us a child is a budding artist and will take anything at their disposal to explore and make art, which contributes to the dynamic artistic cultural expression in society. The person who loves to fix, build, and put things together has the talent and gifts of a potential master mechanic, inventor, or worker in many forms of building construction to electricity, for example, who contributes to beautiful and safe structures in society. The child who demonstrates the love of numbers and plays with mathematical equations could be the future physics genius that helps us get to Mars and beyond. The individual who has an innate ease of looking into and seeing the deepest situations of the human condition from social to spiritual topics could probably be the next spiritual teacher, social worker, nurse/healer, social activist, or anthropologist who contributes to the compassionate spiritual growth and welfare of humanity.

Each and everyone one of us carries within certain abilities to help move the human condition and human consciousness forward into a more united and positive world. The caregiver of the elderly and disabled, to the farmer, and to the scientist, all have the power to bring joy, beauty, abundance, goodness, knowledge, and unity into the world.

It’s essential to help nurture everyone’s gifts, even if, and especially if, they don’t match a parent’s type of work or the ideas of what their children should do. After all, we are separate souls equipped with our special map of gifts and talents that are part of our purpose. All we need is someone who is willing to see the potential and help light the fire to support us in becoming the best we can be. In doing what we love in whatever capacity we are able to do it, is the ultimate joy we bring and share with the world!

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Goddess of Fire artwork by Ronnie Biccard

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