Why Are We On Earth? – Part I:
Forgiveness And Understanding
For Ourselves and Others

July 27, 2017 by Triza Schultz

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What is our purpose for being physically present in this dimension of Mother Earth? Why are we here? After all these many years of continuing to be a seeker of truth, I can provide one of the answers for our new seekers in The Path of Four Ways below. There is a secret though…The secret for successfully practicing these four ways is to realize that all four overlap into one another. We cannot truly accomplish these by thinking that any one of them is mastered in isolation from the others. They are all woven together. And we are the only ones who can weave our own individual and beautiful design of this combination. The reward? Endless. The feeling? Inner peace and innate happiness. Nothing less.

The Path of Four Ways

1. Forgiveness and understanding (for ourselves and others)
2. Remembering who we truly are (eternal spiritual beings first)
3. We create our personal reality (the power of vision and free will)
4. Find ways to express our talents/gifts in the world (the joy, the challenge, and to share)

The first way for spiritual seekers on the path to discovering the purpose for our presence on Mother Earth, is forgiveness and understanding.

Forgiveness is the release from conflict which had imprisoned us from the freedom of peace. It is about “for-giving-peace.” This is a major spiritual lesson in accepting freedom. It is a clear decisive action to choose peace over conflict – our internal and external conflict. Forgiveness does not condone emotional, mental, or physical abuse in any form. What the miracle of forgiveness does do is bring us to an understanding of ourselves and the other to end conflict. It is an action that promises peace for the one who forgives. It is also a main launching point for spiritual maturity and growth.

Forgiveness is a powerful action that calls forth miracles. To the greatest extent, forgiveness is why we are here on earth in this dual dimension of light and dark. It is the greatest core relationship lesson with everyone in our lives and the greatest practice of choosing love over fear. By love, I include empathy, kindness and compassion, the courage to practice truth and boundaries, and the strength to nurture and nourish ourselves as well as another.

Forgiveness though, cannot be true if we find ourselves going through the motions of appearing to endlessly forgive time and again while we remain an active participant in the same conflict. Allowing the core problem to continue only means that we are playing out the role of the victim, or participating as the constant fighter and conflict creator with another. This scenario never brings peace.

Know this one thing: We must go to our heart center and forgive ourselves first. No one can do that for us as we are in charge of our heart. If we are a participant with another in a conflict, the other may never choose to forgive, which is the other’s burden and we must move forward, usually ending the relationship. But we always give our heart peace and send peace to the other, breaking the chain of imprisonment. Forgiveness may be done several times in the process of heart healing.

How does forgiveness happen? When our desire for release from a conflict is finally greater than our need to participate in the negativity of it, we’ve found the place where we can launch ourselves forward into understanding and finally, personal resolution. Tired of getting nowhere? Done with carrying the chains of resentment, jealousy, and hate or self-loathing? The manifestations of fear are as endless as we have the ability to create them, whether it is a racial prejudice or issues of self-worth. And make no mistake. We are the creators.

Once we have clarity about the decision to release ourselves from conflict, we spiritually begin to gain the energy to focus on how to actually stop it. We come to realize that nothing will change until WE change. Miracle! We realize that we CANNOT make someone else change. Miracle! After all, we probably tried endlessly to change another or change ourselves to please another, when it was us all along that needed to change ourselves for ourselves only, by ending the negative participation.

Forgiveness is then an action to change the mind’s perception and beliefs, and when necessary, involves a physical action in order to arrive at resolution. Forgiveness happens in the form of empathy when we can visualize putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, so to speak. When we set aside our own emotionally charged fear based feelings that appear in the forms of anger, resentment and hate, and allow ourselves to recognize that the other person or people who trigger those feelings in us, are also playing out their own versions of fear and reacting upon them just as we are doing, we achieve a level of understanding so we can release ourselves from the relationship, and release them as well!

When we dissolve the illusion that we are all separate and begin to see everyone as a brother, a sister, and a child of the Divine on the path of healing and growth like ourselves, albeit perhaps in a different place on that path, we recognize all souls are on an equal playing field, even though it surely doesn’t appear that way in this physical world of humans and the dreams we make out of fear.

We will come to know through our own experiences that like energies attract. Dark attracts dark as fear attracts fear. Light attracts light as love attracts love.

Most important of all, the miraculous gift in the lesson of forgiveness is the answer to a question that we had carried for a long time. The purpose of all those difficult, sometimes gut-wrenching lessons in relationships about forgiveness was always about finding the love that was within us all along! We have the power of choice – the power to awaken from the illusion of fear and remember that we are made of Love.

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