Past Lives, Our Lives – Part II:
How To Connect With Past Lives

June 23, 2015 by Triza Schultz

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We are infinite spiritual beings on an eternal journey of growth and enlightenment. This I know…

In my Part I “Past Lives, Our Lives,” I shared two personal stories of past life episodes and described how I realized they had provided me with insight and supportive information regarding spiritual growth within my present life journey.  I received confirmation about what attracted me to certain things in this life and why.  I could actually see parts of my own evolution which helped me to understand the subtle currents that pulled me in one direction or another, or why I was so attracted to a particular culture or lifestyle.

Before we talk about ways to connect with past lives, let’s briefly explore the spiritual concept of past lives first:

The most valuable gift of recalling past life data rings out loud and clear; we are not limited beings who live only one life as a result of some insignificant random fluke.  We do not loose what we learn in any lifetime.  We carry it with us!

We won’t remember details about every life, but we do carry that information in our spiritual and cellular memory.  Nothing is lost and specific aspects of some lives can be awakened for our use in this life.  Our spiritual identities are being awakened in the 21st century more than ever because we’re returning to the spiritual identity of whom we are beyond the confines of old worn out dogmas.

I realized that the ultimate purpose and prize behind everything we experience stands the lesson of Love.  Many questions come to mind:  How can we feel compassion for the poor if we haven’t experienced being poor at some point or having been rich for that matter?  How could we fully understand and know the shortcomings and rewards that come from living all ways of life?  How can we treasure Love if we haven’t experienced fear through all its infinite facets of hate, jealousy, ignorance, lack, indifference and prejudice?  How can know how to lead if we haven’t been a follower?  How do we truly know how to harmonize the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves if we haven’t experienced being both a man or a woman, or a diverse variety of these aspects?

How can we grow and appreciate anything if we haven’t learned from it and experienced it in some form ourselves?

Here are ways we can connect with our past lives:

Knowing Upon Arrival – Children’s Memories

I tend to believe that at a very early age children can at least remember their last incarnation.

There are too many documented accounts of proven stories all over the world.  In India for example, where it’s a natural part of their understanding of life, families support this, will honor, and even help the child verify the past life.  Children will remember past family member names, where they lived, whether they were a boy or a girl, or a profound experience from that life.

One of the most compelling documented stories in the United States is the story of James Leninger, who at the age of two began to have reoccurring dreams as a WWII Navy fighter pilot shot down in Japan.  He described the exact details of the plane, and the fire that engulfed it. It was proven that he was the pilot James M. Houston in his previous life.

Here is a fascinating YouTube video from interview with James and his parents:

It’s important to listen to our children when they repeat detailed information from dreams or simply from memory of potential past life experiences.  Instead of ignoring or attempting to shame and silence them, we would all benefit as well as help our children’s growth and sense of well being to take them seriously, and if possible, help solve the mystery!

Dreams – Gateway To The Spiritual Realm

As in the story of James Leninger, we can have dreams about significant episodes of a past life.  How can we determine if this is so?  The dreams will be so vividly real and familiar to us.  They may repeat themselves to get our attention.  Look at the details, such as period of time in history, architecture and furnishings, clothes, geography, names, culture and food, etc…  Even a different language has been known to occur and the dreamer will remember a few words or a phrase.  Write it all down.

We may not always be able to “prove” the information, but what’s most important is to remember what happened.  How does the memory or dream make us feel and how can that information help us in this lifetime?  They happen for a reason.  And again, my experience has been that these memories and dreams of past lives appear because our spirit is communicating with us to assist us in some fashion now.

Attraction or Repulsion

We all have strong attractions to things in life that we can’t always explain.  Why is one person so drawn to anything that reminds them of Africa? Why is another person fascinated from childhood through adult life with the Asian culture, from food to architecture?  Some people are attracted to specific antiques and the clothes of a certain period in history, and actually long to be a part of that time.  Or why is one pulled toward knowing everything about a particular war in history, such as the American Civil War or the Battle of Culloden in Scotland without understanding why?    I believe these types of attractions are past life connections.

People can also carry an unexplainable repulsion or fear of something as well.  A person may have a deep unexplainable fear of the ocean and ships and doesn’t like looking at pictures of ships on water – a past life traumatic near-fatal accident or drowning?

Reputable Psychic Medium Consultation

 A reputable psychic medium can be very helpful in providing information about past lives.  Talk to people who have had readings that they knew to be professional, beneficial and have been able to confirm at least some of the information at some point.  It is also valuable to read or hear testimonials from people who’ve received consultations that are consistent in their positivity and insightful information.  An additional value in seeking consultation is to know the work and life experience background of a potential psychic medium by reading their biography or by learning about them from someone who knows or has worked with them.

During one of my recent spiritual consultative readings with a lovely woman, I saw a young girl very close to her in an unusual wheelchair that would have been common during the 1800 to early 1900’s.  The frame of the chair was made of wood with a high arching back that appeared rattan with little holes that a rattan weave would have.  I realized that the young girl couldn’t walk and was my client in a past life.  Why did I see this?  When I described to my client what I saw, she said she’d had many dreams as a child growing up about a wheel chair just as I’d described, and carried a fear that the wheelchair was an omen that she wouldn’t be able to walk at some point in this life.  The fear was eliminated when I explained to her that she was recalling a past life.  She was able to come to terms and release the fear in this life.

Past Life Hypnotherapy

Professional past life hypnotherapy is a great method to help people in achieving a wonderful perspective of wholeness in the continual process of mind-body-spirit health and well being.  To access past lives is to connect with a deeper part of who we are with a much broader understanding as we move forward in the ongoing process of conscious soul evolution.

There has been past misunderstanding that people are placed under some type of sleep where they may be controlled by some form of mind control.  Most of that is now stuff for Hollywood movies, and you can learn more from observing some of the “guiding” technique that is used in the video excerpt below.

The Newton Institute is one of the most reputable worldwide professional businesses for past life hypnotherapy.

Video:  “Life Between Life Hypnotherapy – What Is It?”  Watch episodes of actual sessions with people connecting with a specific past life in details that are truly amazing and life confirming:!

The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy website:    Find a professional therapist on the planet nearest you!


Book:  “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” by Michael Newton, PhD
Book:  “Miracles Happen – The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories” by      Brian L. Weiss, MD and Amy E. Weiss, M.S.W.
Book:  “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian L. Weiss, MD

Live in beauty and be well – Triza

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