Harnessing Our Intuition In Everyday Living

October 6, 2015 by Triza Schultz

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When we become receptive to our inner truth, we see the world as it really is.

I’ve envisioned that perhaps 50 years from now most people will practice utilizing their inner psychic resources as a necessary part of spiritually navigating everyday life.  It won’t be considered as much of a phenomenon as it is today for what is still known as the “New Age” enigma.  This is indeed a new age of returning back to whom we really are as spiritual beings having a human experience on earth.  Yet, indigenous peoples and the keepers of the eternal flames of the mystical truths from all cultures never lost their intuitive powers of connecting personally with the inner/outer Divine, or discounted the natural connection with the Divine through Nature.

Now, here we are remembering, practicing, and teaching each other how to re-awaken the use of one of the greatest inner spiritual resources we have – our intuition.  It’s a main line to our true higher selves, which is that part of us to be explicitly trusted in helping guide our lives.  It is our inner spiritual voice.

That ‘ole gut feeling…won’t only be remembered after we didn’t act upon something that our intuition told us to, but where we consciously take our intuition seriously, empowering ourselves with complete trust to follow where our heart – the feeling and knowing center of our intuition –  leads us to at the time it’s needed.

The way to consistently access and strengthen our intuition is to engage in the process of eliminating old patterns of fear that block us from being who we naturally are.

Again, it’s all about bringing the inner guidance of our truth up into the radar of our conscious awareness and acting upon it with complete trust.

The following scenarios will help conjure up past memories where we didn’t follow our inner knowing:

Remember The Time When..?

Remember the time when we got up late for work or school and as we were preparing to leave, a silent voice or feeling appeared that told us we forgot to take our medicine or vitamins, forgot to turn the coffee maker button off, or take something out of the freezer for dinner, check on an ailing neighbor or family member as we promised, water our plants, or leave a fresh bowl of water out for the dog, and we didn’t stop and act upon that voice or feeling?

Remember the time when we first met name that left us feeling off balance, wondering what “that was all about?”  There were the smiles and polite exchanges, even interesting conversation for a while, yet after leaving, we carried a feeling of discomfort with us.  Something wasn’t right. But because we met the person at our favorite bookstore or café, outdoor sport, park or museum, we throw a ratchet in the center of our truth by telling ourselves that the person seemed nice, so we ended up going down a bumpy path in a bad relationship for as long as it took for us to finally listen?  How long did it take?  Be honest!

Remember the time when we were at the ice cream shop and the first idea that came into our mind was to get that beautiful vanilla bean ice cream, but instead we got a fuzzy monkey pineapple something cone because that’s what our friend got, and when we took the first bite, we wished we’d gotten the vanilla bean flavor we’d envisioned in the first place?

Remember the time when we let someone convince us to buy something we really didn’t feel good about buying, but instead we ended up walking away with, driving away in, or moving into something we wondered how we were going to pay off, all because we gave into someone else’s desires?

Remember the time when someone told us an untruth about someone else that was hurtful and we knew it wasn’t true, but said and did nothing about it?

Remember the time when that quiet voice inside our head told us NOT take a turn onto a specific road that we traveled regularly, yet we did it anyway, finding ourselves stuck in traffic for over half an hour?

Why Don’t We Listen To Our Intuition?

In a nutshell, we don’t listen to our intuition because we’ve been programmed to believe that the physical world, and all that entails, is more important than our own internal navigation – our spiritual truth.

Why are we unable to listen to and act upon our own best interests?  There are several reasons that create roadblocks to expressing and essentially being who we really are.  A few examples are:

  • Organizations/establishments that create limiting rules that require us to not think as individuals; do not support questioning and searching for knowledge beyond what they teach
  • Fear of judgment and or punishment from people of influence such as family, friends, school, work, religion, politics, community, etc.
  • Need for approval due to a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love
  • Lack of courage in being an individual with individual needs and desires beyond false guilt and shame
  • Wanting to be only like others and or have what others have, which is usually another form of lack of self-worth, giving “things” a higher status and not knowing what our own personal spiritual values are
  • Making others and other things more important than what we hold to be true for ourselves
  • Not knowing what is true for us – having NEVER QUESTIONED who we are and what we want or what we need

Remember the movie Practical Magic, where one of the wise aunties (Dianne Wiest) said to her niece (Sandra Bullock), “You can’t do magic and at the same time turn away from it..?”  She was talking about using her gifts with spiritual integrity and good only, and to not do anything based on ego fear.

My hope is that this information is taken in a practical approach to harnessing our intuition beyond pre-cognition and other more developed psychic abilities.  I believe that when we listen to our intuition, we’re able to further develop our psychic abilities, which can take us on to a higher plane of personal empowerment in the most sacred of spaces; that space is Love.

But until we take responsibility in regularly applying our intuitive muscle to everyday living situations, we can’t advance too far up the ladder of spiritual integrity.  No one is perfect 100{c09c142cbd1ab0783f6547109c5b32c5cbd81f028820bf10ecbb0c91a6a7b581} of the time.  This isn’t about perfection.  The important thing is to navigate life and the obstacles that come along as true as we can, according to our most powerful inner resource – the heart of our intuition.  To practice and have fun.

Live in beauty and be well – Triza

Painting by Eye of God by Deedee Hampton.

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