Why Are We On Earth? – Part III: We Create Our Personal Reality Power of Vision and Free Will

August 9, 2017 by Triza Schultz

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The third way for spiritual seekers on the path to discovering the purpose for our presence on Mother Earth is the knowledge that we create our personal reality through the power of vision and free will.

If we have the power to seek peace through forgiveness and understanding as described in Part I of Why Are We On Earth? and the power to remember who we are as divinely perfect, yet evolving children of the Universal Creator (God) who have chosen to work in this physical realm of duality as students playing games engaging light and dark energies as described in Part II of Why Are We On Earth?, then it surely must follow that we are in truth, reality builders. Essentially, each one of us is creating the world we live in. Where we focus our attention is what makes the world. This is how powerful we are! We are co-creators! This is essentially one of the greatest things we are here to learn in Earth School.

However, in an unaware state from the truth that we are students and children of Divine Creation, we can’t always see that we ARE our own creators of the space we live in. Whatever we focus our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions on – consciously or unconsciously – become the reality of our personal world and how we perceive the world at large. But in an unaware state, we are unfocused and tend to blame others for our dissatisfaction and unhappiness, yet we don’t see that we are largely focusing our attention on the negative, thinking about the negative, playing with the negative, so therefore, calling negative to us. Remember like energy attracts.

Our attention or focus goes wherever it seems easiest to go or by the influence of others when we relinquish our personal sovereignty. We are not fully aware of the power of choice through free will. In other words, we allow ourselves to get blown about like a leaf in the wind. This is a part of what it’s like playing with the dark side.

Negative dark energy has a main function: to create fear. Fear creates the illusion and belief of separation from Divine Source, and therefore, separation from our own higher spiritual selves and all the power we have to focus our most positive creative abilities. The human ego mind can become confused, so part of the game here in Earth School is to wake up and “see clearly.”

We aren’t usually connected to a clear intention of why, or inquire if what we desire is positive for ourselves and others because we don’t see ourselves as responsible and accountable, so then we are unable to activate our free will – our strength, determination and courage to act decisively in the most positive ways we have available. There is usually not much critical thinking or reasoning, or the desire to seek knowledge outside ourselves and beyond what others give us, to see other options. Therefore, our ability to positively use our inner spiritual vision and free will diminish.

One of the greatest examples of mass dark energy creation is the image of “The Devil” – an image and persona created by man thousands of years ago and given tremendous energy and attention as a singular supreme being who is the collective cause and scapegoat for all of humankind’s batting around negative behaviors, bad times and dark stuff, which became the detour from embracing our individual creative power and responsibilities of playing the game with duality.

I once spoke to a lovely woman who was going door to door to gain followers for her particular religion. She said that we had to be saved from “The Devil” by her religion and backed that up by stating that, “After all, look at all the bad things in the world. Only a devil could do that!” I smiled, and said, “Yes. Look at all the bad things happening in the world. Yet, aren’t we all individually and collectively responsible for the creation of all the bad things in the world?”

Beyond the idea of a devil, we are here learning to place the unlimited and tremendous power of our spiritual vision at the forefront of our lives that call forth three magical actions that build our reality. The three actions of attention, intent, and free will must work together with the power of vision to engage our imagination, and to dream and envision something good for ourselves and others. Vision then, begins the process and is the glue that activates the powers of attention, intent, and free will.

Conversely, we are using our creative vision, attention, intent, and free will to create the idea of a devil and give it life by giving it meaning in our lives. The great difference here is that we move further away from forgiveness, remembering who we truly are, and taking away personal responsibility as creators of the world we live in. Which part of the game do we want to play with? We choose.

As creators in training, we use the unseen, eternal mystery of spiritual vision to engage attention, intent, and free will to build realities. We can use them in a negative way to create separation and chaos or we can use them in the most positive way that bring us around all the bases of experience to the home run of Love because we are each made of Love, and that realization and knowing becomes our greatest and most powerful unifying Light in creating our world, if only we take our crown as the builders of realities.

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