Why Are We On Earth? – Part II: Remembering Who We Are Eternal Spiritual Beings First

August 4, 2017 by Triza Schultz

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The second way for spiritual seekers on the path to discovering the purpose for our presence on Mother Earth, is remembering who we truly are.

Who are we and why are we here? If we seek a loving peace as we discovered in the first path of Part I: Forgiving and Understanding, then we are also here on this earth journey to realize that we must be the perfect, whole, beloved and loving children of the Divine, because the Divine Universe is perfect in a mysterious way that we cannot articulate. We discover this truth as we open and grow spiritually, but we can’t explain the truth of it as physical beings. It transcends belief and words. It’s a knowing and a feeling from our spiritually connected intuitive heart space that is always connected to the Divine. We are Love. And we are never alone.

Our original spiritual creation is Divine and remains Divine. God doesn’t make second hand stuff. We know this as spiritual beings, but when we incarnate into the physical realm, well, our remembering gets pushed back by a form of amnesia because we dove into the thick realm of the human ego, and the human ego comes to play in duality with dark and light. We are in Earth School. So, we’re spiritual beings playing out lessons and experiences in a physical body. We choose it.

I personally believe any spirit being that chooses to physically incarnate anywhere on any planet gets special compensation and one hell of a return party for doing it! And we do it countless times.

As students on earth, the game is very important. We are here to remember who we are – perfect, beloved, infinite children of the Universe – and we create all kind of games with rules, thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems that separate through the filter of fear, throwing us away from the game of catching Love back, and remembering that we are Love. At the same time, we also play games that return us into alignment with the truth of Love. Love gets batted around in the dark. The dark energy we make attempts to throw Love away from us. The light energy that we make doesn’t hit anything but returns us safely home to our remembering. Think of baseball.

The stakes are high! The game has been on for a long time here. As long as we need it, I imagine…

We are conditioned early in life to believe we are what we do. A mother, a father, a son or daughter, a real estate agent, an electrician, a dancer, an artist, a musician, an athlete, a jeweler or chef or sales associate. We give labels and we identify with those labels so deeply that we come to believe the label is who we are. Our roles can get so entrenched that we see our entire identity, as a particular role. And in the 21st century, we split our identity into several ones. A mother, a type of work or career, a wife, a woman…

Then at some point in life, we will ask the question, “Why are we here?” The question is usually asked in one of two ways – as an almost childlike wondrous inquiry or in complete frustration and fear because our physical world isn’t working too well for us. Asking both ways is equally powerful because well, we’re asking the question! Asking the question with a true desire to know opens the spiritual door for answers to walk through and amnesia to clear. Those answers have always been inside us. When the seeker asks with a deep honesty and humility, then the seeker is ready to receive. Well…it could take some time to actually get it.

In order for us to truly understand the answer to this magical question of “Why are we here?” most times we have to work to understand and integrate the answer into our daily lives. This especially happens in our modern, technical-industrial consumer driven world. We take this or that path or job or relationship, and it doesn’t work, so we go for another, and perhaps another version of the same, and that isn’t what we thought it would be either, so finally comes the brick wall that we will inevitably hit. The brick wall, being that inner place where we decide we can go no further in our pain and suffering from the lack of spiritual connection, usually a spiritual crisis that knocks us silly enough to ask the question more deeply. That’s okay. We are also human.

We are supposed to search which hones the experience of the lesson in healing our ideas of separation from Spirit. The physical world doesn’t have to separate us. We make it so. We can love hording money and controlling others – a huge lesson in spiritual disconnect, which is way out in left field, or we can share and enjoy the freedoms of creative diversity. We finally choose to remember who we are. With healing spring forth growth, knowledge and understanding – the shining wisdom of the lesson.

So, welcome to the game of life as a spiritual being in a physical body on a physical world playing for the stakes of waking up to remember Love. Batter up!

Hafiz was a 14th Century Persian mystical poet and his poems are still loved the world over. He wrote about Love and the Divine as metaphor in his poems. He knew who he was. The following poem beautifully describes who we are beyond the physical world. So, I’ll end Part II with this poem that rather humorously illustrates this:

How Does It Feel To Be A Heart ~ by Hafiz
Once a young woman asked me,
“How does it feel to be a man?”
And I replied,
“My dear, I’m not so sure.”
Then she said,
“Well, aren’t you a man?”
And this time I replied,
“I view gender as a beautiful animal
That people often take for a walk on a leash
And might enter into some odd contest
To try to win strange prizes
My dear, A better question for Hafiz
Would have been,
“How does it feel to be a heart?”
For all I know is Love
And I find my heart

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