2017 Numerology Forecast
Globally and Individually

January 7, 2017 by Triza Schultz

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Journey Begins Anew…

This is a number 1 year for the planet (2017 = 10 = 1)

A summary of what Number 1 represents:

The number 1 is ruled by the Sun. This is a year where the journey begins anew. The power of hope is a key word. The number 1 is the leader and the individualist with the strong support to stand alone that the number 1 Sun energy provides. The positive energies of the number 1 are independent, creative, original, ambitious, power, determined, optimistic, and self-assured. The negative side of this energy is arrogance, the misuse of power on any level, stubbornness, impatience, self-centered, and the role of the victim.

As 2016 was a number 9 year of Completion that represented humanity in the midst of radical change toward ending separation. Of course, it didn’t appear that way because we’ve been participating in the stages of the “Great Awakening” that have been slowly happening for many earth cycles which brought us to another plateau of our utmost madness of separation from one another. That was because behind the scenes work and underlying upward movements of the energies of Light have pushed forth the world’s dirty laundry that belong to everyone, right to the top of the heap for us to more clearly see. And see we did. Many things came unraveled. Much seemed foggy, but much more became crystal clear.

To see clearly is in part, what we are here for. So now, we begin a whole new 9 year cycle on the planet. We begin anew with a Number 1 Year armed with great hope and the knowledge and wisdom of the last nine years to guide us.

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Global Influence

The Sun is shining on the planet to help us see more clearly and to show us the way forward if we choose to take on the mantle for the hero and heroine’s new voyage of discovery and take charge of our lives in every way. We are continually learning, integrating, and expressing who we are as we wake up globally and individually. When we know who we are, no matter where we are, we have nothing to fear with clarity and hope as our compass. Humanity is deeply learning the great lesson of unity on about every level. Courage and determination to create for the highest good are the hallmarks for this number 1 year globally. Remember, the Sun represents the Light. The door is open and holds the Light.

One of the great spiritual lessons in this number 1 year of new beginnings is that it is not about what we’ve done in life that matters so much, as it is how much we have supported and loved humanity. If what we do and what we support is for the love of the whole of humanity, we cannot go wrong. That would be the underlying goal to begin a new 9 year cycle as the planet moves through each year. New seeds are planted in this number 1 year for the next 9 years. This energy is very strongly emphasized for the new leadership as well as the old in places such as the US, UK, Russia, and China. It is going to be the choice between the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, so to speak!

Scientific and medical inventions will be released after years of work as well as new ideas that will be revealed from those same fields. Artists in every genre will be inspired to express ways of “uniting” humanity through their works, which always involves showing us both our shadow and light sides. We may see stark expressions of this, which help guide the planet.

Organizations and causes toward the education of equality and unification of humanity will be pushed and more strongly emphasized in 2017 with a lot of news coverage. Steps may be taken to attempt to go backwards by certain forces, but will not succeed in the long run because the spirit within humanity will not allow historical separation, as it is becoming grounded outside duality.

There may be a broadcast to the public of a human journey to the Moon and or Mars initiative with commitments this year of plans to fund that.

A higher vibration is happening as humanity moves into a higher dimension. Because of this, it feels like things are splitting apart, but what is coming apart is the duality we’ve always made. We must move into the heart space and into being completely aware of our heart truth, which can be different from what has been taught outside us as right or wrong for control purposes.

There is the greatest need to bring hope and trust with us wherever we go and with whomever we interact with. We must trust in a higher power and that power to move within us for 2017. It’s easy to judge, anger, and attack since much of humanity is used to playing in the shadows because it “appears” so easy and has become a reflex, yet the karmic consequences ripple out into the global collective consciousness. It is now time for us to trade the childish roles of perpetrator and victim for the Spiritual Warrior of Light. Courage we must have and help will be given on every positive level for those who ask from the space of the heart for the highest good for all!

Individual Influence

To figure your personal year number:

Add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year. This rule is the same for everyone. Here’s an example:

Birth month is May = (5) Birth day is 4 = (4) Current year is 2017 = (10 = 1)

Total: 5 + 4 + 1 = 10 = 1

I create as I think. I create as I speak. A power mantra for 2017 for those who will be experiencing and expressing a number 1 year is, “The Divine is the peace, the light, the love, and the strength within me that I trust.”

2017 will be an intense year for new creative ventures and projects. Our affairs are making a new start and we are now entering a new cycle of experiences. The next 9 years of life will depend on what we do now. This is a time to have hope, courage, to make plans, and to avoid inertia or indecision. We must look to the future and be willing to change and advance for the sake of progress and happiness.

Within the excitement of a number 1 year, we can rush in several different directions, starting new things everywhere. Approach 2017 with caution and with focus, but most of all, with fresh hope. New doors will be opening throughout this year and no one can enter them all at once. Therefore, it’s important to allow things to unfold gently instead of rushing into them or trying to force them, which will save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If something is clearly meant as a new beginning, it will wait. Otherwise, it will vanish.

Because of the enthusiastic energy of this year, organization, focus, and a system of action steps will make things easier and bring the desired results. This year does call for strength of purpose and clear thinking. Our Higher Self is now testing our character and our courage. We must show what we can do and be true of heart.

It’s time to stop playing victim in any part of our life and be a leader of peace – a Spiritual Warrior of Light is the new cloak we wear. And since we are in a beginning phase, let’s begin to look with new eyes. Observe life as if for the first time. Any vestiges of old baggage need to finally be released. There is no room going forward. This applies to old judgments, attitudes, fears, choices, as well as people, places and things. We must be clear about what we want. This is the year to envision and take the steps to create. How exciting! How hopeful!

Live in beauty and be well ~ Triza Schultz

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