Life Path Readings
A life path reading can be just about anything in your life – Relationship concerns, gifts and talents in work and life, and strengths and weaknesses are all part of what we are here to heal and grow. A loved one from the Other Side may appear with a message of support, a guide or angel may assist, or a pertinent past life may be revealed to help your healing and growth in this life now in some capacity. All these may all be a part of your reading.

The 15 minute reading usually centers around one specific question – brief, yet detailed information for the client.

Life Path Reading – 1 Hr – $75.00 
Life Path Reading – 1/2 Hr – $40.00 
Life Path Reading – 15 minute – $17 

Blue Heron Daily Message Cards

A new revision of the card deck will be available by March, 2018.

The Blue Heron Daily Message Cards are a wonderful tool to help enhance spiritual guidance and growth, strengthen natural intuitive abilities, and be an enjoyable part of any daily spiritual practice for years to come. These daily affirmation messages are beautiful! (click on the photo to enlarge)

There are 55 cards in the deck, a 16 page Instruction Booklet for beginning and advanced practice, and a beautifully illustrated box. Each card top has a brilliant color illustration of the Blue Heron art work. The message side of each card contains a ghost image background of the illustration with a clearly printed message for the day. There are 55 individual messages on 3 x 5 playing cards.

$35.00 + $5.00 shipping = $40.00

The Fear Standard – A Guide And Personal Journey To Regain Our Intuitive Spirit
by Triza Schultz

Click on my book, and the link will take you directly to The book is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and E-Book. Also available on line at Barnes & Noble, any on-line book store, or directly from Trafford Publishing at

All fear is a spiritual matter. This book teaches and guides the reader to recognize, understand, and transcend fear from where it originates. I’ve created 2 categories of fear: Original Fear and Evolved Fear. Evolved Fear contains two subcategories: Positive Evolved Fear and Negative Evolved Fear. We mainly create patterns of Negative Evolved Fear. Significant parts of my own life are woven into the pages, describing obstacles of fear I’ve encountered, how I experienced them as an intuitive empath, and finally overcame them. I believe everyone is intuitive. Most people have blocked their natural intuitive abilities due to fear conditioning.

There are questions at the end of every chapter for you to write down your experiences, and determine the primary categories of fear that your own life patterns fall into. You can learn how to re-connect with your true self – your Higher Self and Divine Guidance in regaining your natural intuitive resources with a strong ability to listen and follow your inner truth. When fear is no longer the major player in your life, joy and harmony are the natural outcome!

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