You Have A Purpose

What naturally interests you? What gives you joy? Our talents, abilities, and gifts are meant to be used and shared. It is the soul's way to create and share with the world in order to grow. Need help?

Life Path

Life was never meant to be a straight road. Our challenges, successes, relationships, talents and work, places we live, health, beliefs and choices in life all form our reality. Need help with your life path?

Soul Growth - Past Lives

Feel like you've been here before? Deeply attracted to specific cultures, times and events in history, specific architecture, foods and clothing, georgraphies or countries - and you don't know why?


While our minds and bodies rest, we are busy working, learning, healing, and playing in the spiritual or astral dimension, known as the dream realm. Dreams are meant to guide us. Learn how!

Past Lives, Our Lives – Part I: Why We Recall Certain Past Lives – Two Personal Stories

  Past Live, Our Lives We are infinite spiritual beings on an...

23rd Jun

The Magical Approach

The Magical Approach The Magician ~ Connelly Tarot    The magical approach...

08th May

Profile Of An Empath: Part II – Life Practices For The Empowered Empath

Profile Of An Empath Part II – Life Practices For The Empowered...

23rd May

Profile of an Empath – Part I: Self-Identification – Are You an Empath?

Profile of an Empath Part I – Self Identification – Are you...

02nd May