Cultivating Certainty In Transformational Times

September 24, 2018 by Triza Schultz

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The butterfly has long been a symbol of transformation by indigenous people around the world because of its dramatic stages of metamorphosis from a slow crawling caterpillar into a luminously flying creature.  It symbolizes the stages of change that must occur for it to complete its purpose and achieve full value fulfillment that’s demonstrated in the physical world.   Being also a part of the growth cycles in nature, we can see ourselves within the labor for freedom of flight on many levels in both our physical and spiritual evolution.

The world sometimes seems more divided that ever before by ideological suppression that threaten our freedom of flight.  Compassion, truth, and unity seem almost out of reach again.  We believed that we had evolved far enough to be past another cycle of fear mongering and division in this 21st century.  Humanity has transformed for the better in so many ways, but we must remember that this stepped-up chaos is because the world has chosen to take another deeper sweeping cyclical lesson in love.  Isn’t this what division has always been about?  It’s about the lack of love that still remains in pockets of humanity who want to control through suppressing freedoms and vilifying universal diversity.  This is just another pendulum swing.  The pendulum will swing into an even greater balance once this very difficult cycle is over, and our better angels cannot throw hope out the window because it’s a painful part of the process. These challenges in our world of duality are always about the choice to love and be inclusive or hate and separate.  Love is real.  The other is an illusion that all the great spiritual teachers have warned us about.  

We are all learning the difficult transformational lessons that it takes to take flight.  Intrinsic in this great lesson is how to be certain about who we are.  To remember who we are and let that be our anchor.  And in case we need a reminder in the most simple and truest of terms, we are spiritual beings who have incarnated into a human body in the physical world to learn more lessons about love.  We retain the knowledge and experiences of our pasts that make us stronger, help us to evolve and transform us into even greater human beings.   

This is a spiritual evolution for the most basic truths of life, which of course, will rock political and religious suppression because it must.  The need for freedom of speech, pursuit of knowledge and education, the need for nurturing and creative diversity in a peaceful and sustainable way, and the cry for equality, which is ideally the mark of a great civilized society wholly determined by the people, is the spiritual mandate for human evolution across the world in this 21st century and beyond.  We’re always a work in progress.  It’s unavoidable that we are globally becoming one family in all our magnificent diversity.  We crave to share, understand, and more intimately know one other.

This wave of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual transformation is woven into the quest to balance the feminine and masculine energies which are a part of every being.  The decline of dysfunctional male draconian aggression which results in violence and paralysis is now moving into the positive masculine energy of assertive, intellectual, and reasonable management by the people.  And the decline of dysfunctional female servitude and spiritual repression is now opening to express the positive intuitive feminine energy that support nurturing on all levels of creative diversity.  The combined male/female energy exists within us all, regardless of whether we are physically a man or a woman.  We each need the harmonizing aspects of the yin (female) and yang (male) energies to be balanced individuals who are then able to harmonize the spiritual and physical aspects of life as evolved spiritual beings having a physical experience.

During this historically pivotal time in our humanity, the energy of powerful spiritual transformation in an awakening to higher consciousness does have its effects.   We can feel weary, frightened, and overwhelmed at times.  Rapid change unsettles us because in part, our wings are wet from the birthing process, and we must trust that we will fly, just as the butterfly is driven and certain it will take its first flight.

No matter where we live, we can empathically feel these immense ripples of change in the world.  And we have our own individual spiritual growth process going on simultaneously that contributes to the whole.  We must pause and recognize that world change does begin within each one of us first.  Can we see and acknowledge how powerful we are?  We can extinguish our personal darkness with each small light of recognition, one step at a time.  Darkness cannot exist in light.  That is an absolute certainty – a spiritual and scientific truth.

One of our great modern day spiritual teachers, Rav P.S. Berg, describes in his book, “The Essential Zohar,” that cultivating certainty is the power of spirit over matter, and humanity’s greatest spiritual adversary is the loss of it.  He further describes that deep desire is the mechanism that promotes action, but we must take action, and when we truly know that something is best for us, the Divine will match our heart’s truth, and it will come to us.  Rav Berg teaches that also cultivating patience – which overpowers doubt – is one of the results of holding certainty firmly in our minds and thoughts.

We can move mountains by living our lives with clarity of purpose, with believing in our most positive desires, and knowing that we are infinite souls of the Divine tapestry who choose the design of our lives.

Being physically alive is more than breathing and existing in an imaginary world through someone or something else, like perpetually watching reality TV.   It’s taking the risk of getting out in the world and spreading our wings to create the most positive life where we can share our gifts with others and live as authentically as we can. 

Here are some tips to help support personal and world spiritual transformation:

  • Name all the things we are grateful for every day – brings in abundance energy and is the antidote to lack and victim mentality.
  • Appreciate what we have and where we are in our life now– this positive acknowledgment brings peace and abundance and is the antidote to anxiety and lack mentality.
  • Appreciate who we are now is the antidote to negatively comparing ourselves to others. Know we pilot the direction of our life, with choices and opportunities to grow and learn in a diverse world.
  • Appreciate that all life is cyclical. Change and movement are evident in everything.  There are ups and downs, summers and winters.  Practice being in awe of the mystery instead of being afraid to participate in it.
  • Simplify life by living within our means. The greatest beauty, comfort, and satisfaction come from nature, loving relationships, and sharing our gifts with others.  These are all essentially free.
  • Patience is the antidote to uncertainty
  • Trust in the infinite goodness and love of the Divine Universe – the antidote to negative thinking and victim mentality
  • Determining our best options in any situation and deciding to act upon it is the antidote to apathy, wishful thinking, and helplessness
  • Send positive thoughts/prayers (healing, peace, abundance, light, love, beauty, etc.) to our loved ones and our brothers and sisters in the world “for the highest good for all” is the antidote to getting attached to what we think the outcome of our prayers should be, and frees the Universe to actually provide what is best.

As the beloved Lebanese American mystic, artist, and poet Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) so plainly said, “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.”  These times are calling for the path of the heart and the certainty that banishes negativity.  We are indeed, learning to fly…

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