2018 Numerology – Psychic Forecast
Clarity Out of Chaos

February 2, 2018 by Triza Schultz

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This is a number 2 year for the planet (2018 = 11 = 2)

The number two is a sensitive, intuitive number and strives to create the balance of peace and harmony out of duality.  It likes to unite and bring an end to separation.  Because two is an intuitive number, it’s associated with the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Moon.  Therefore, being a sensitive number, it tunes into the energies around it.

Two is essentially about the relationships with opposites: inner/outer, conscious/unconscious or light/dark, masculine/feminine, beginning/end, and the awareness that comes with the recognition of any of these.   The emergence of something out of darkness that was once unknown into our conscious awareness is known as the dawning of spiritual light or enlightenment.  This is where healing happens.

Two can symbolize a need for balance between two points of view/issues, or that a balancing is in progress.  And within our current world and personal spiritual, social, economic, and political climate, we find ourselves deeply searching for ways to bring clarity out of chaos.  Humanity is peaking in this great challenge.  Hope and trust with positive right action for everyone’s greatest good is the light that will see us through.  And with a number 2 year, we are being equipped with higher access to the feminine energies and empathy for one another.  These are the foundational ingredients to help swing the pendulum toward a new balance.  Exciting opportunities!

Global Influence

If there ever was a year that so clearly reflected the planet’s number 2 energy cycle at work, 2018 is the one.  The divisions seem clear.  That is a good thing actually, as we know what we have to address.  That which is hidden is difficult to confront.

Pockets of destructive energies have been emboldened to come out of the shadows while some world leaders encourage it as a tool for personal gain and power, along with the strange new experience of drawing constant global attention as they play with people’s lives on the world stage of the Internet’s Twitter to keep chaos stoked.   The Roman emperor Nero, who supposedly played his violin while Rome burned, comes to mind.

This number 2 year of 2018 is all about relationships.

In comes the Divine Feminine energy of the 2 to help bring balance in the masculine and feminine aspects within us.  The intuitive, creative, and nurturing feminine energies of this spiritual aspect is due for a fine tuning in empowerment right now.  We are seeing a part of this already in full swing with the social exposure of sexual harassment and abuse to women and girls that began forming momentum the latter part off 2017.  This is no short-lived movement.  This is a spiritual call for the balance of equality and the positive empowerment of the feminine energies taking their rightful place going forward as an evolution to higher consciousness for humanity.  The remedy is to unite the masculine with the feminine energies to end suppression and servitude.

If 2018 is about relationships, then we must add that the other side of the dual coin are the intellectual, assertive, and strong Divine Masculine aspects in us.  Imbalanced masculine energies have been on steroids with aggression and playing with an insane rationale that masculine dominance with a conquest to separate its own feminine counterpart is somehow a good and rightful thing.  It’s been going on forever, it seems.  Our sister and many brother ancestors too, have played a role in righting this imbalance in significant steps over time.  Our evolution obviously doesn’t happen overnight.  The remedy is to unite the feminine with the masculine to find harmony and end aggression and predation.

The last great part of duality I feel important to address in this number 2 year is the social open mind as opposed to the social closed mind.  This dual aspect worked its way to the surface clearly in 2017.  More than ever, it’s important to have an open mind to all possibilities.  A closed mind that lives in old dogmas already has all the answers, according to that lower level of thinking, so cannot allow worlds of possibilities and different ways of looking at things to enter.  The world is always changing.  Life is change.  We never stop changing, learning and growing, so therein lies part of the content of duality – dark (ignorance/fear) doesn’t want to let light (truths/knowledge) in.  We become lazy when we let someone else feed us one line of information.  A time to stop merely following, but deciding to look at multiple sources to discern our truth, because if we don’t stop simply following a label, and we really don’t have the broader substance, our view of the world shrinks down to the size of a postage stamp.  Ignorance gets crowded in that tiny field.

Balance is a fragile thing.  As we acknowledge our dualities, we are able to bring them into harmony.  We must know ourselves the best, stop allowing others to tell us who we are, and thrust definitions upon us.  We tell the world who we are.  Our voices must be heard.  Our actions must be true.  Our values and integrity can only embrace everyone’s good, not just for personal gain.  Therein, lies the greatest hope for the advancement of balance toward peace in 2018.  And there is much hope to share!

Individual Influence

To determine if this is a number 2 year for us personally, add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year.  This rule is the same for everyone.  Here’s an example on how to figure it:

Birth month is August = (8)   Birth day is 10 = (1)   Current year is 2018 = (11=2)

Total: 8 + 10 +2 = 20 = 2

Relationships and partnerships are the key words for those of us also entering a number 2 personal year.

Our successes, happiness, and the results of our gains will depend upon patience, tact, diplomacy, and empathy.  We 2’s will be practicing a fine balance in the practice of our masculine and feminine aspects.  The number 2 is a sensitive feminine number, so it’s equally important to listen to the truth of our intuition – our spirit – adjust and act accordingly.   We get a boost of help in using our intuitive muscle with number 2 energy.

This is especially important when things don’t seem to be running as smoothly as we want them to.  Sharing and taking equal responsibility for communicating is key with a willingness to wait for things to develop without trying to force conditions in a dominant or aggressive way, which only complicates desired outcomes.

There may be periods of delay this year.  We’re in the process of creating anew from last year’s ideas and initiatives, and we want to bring our vision and desires into the physical world.  But not everything happens all at once!  Our plans and the conditions that surround them need time to mature.  Just think of the old saying that bread cannot be forced to bake any faster without burning it.

Along with the heightened sensitivity this year brings, don’t be surprised to have more extrasensory/psychic experiences.  This is a part of the year.  It’s so important to be kind and gentle with ourselves too.  The Divine Feminine energies of 2 is attempting to soften us and make us more flexible and empathic in a strong, positive way.

It’s important to cooperate with circumstances and try for that arrangement which will bring more peace for ourselves as well as others.  When our minds and hearts are considerate for everyone’s highest good, we can win what we could not force, bringing about results beyond our expectations.  This then becomes a work in balance and harmony using the best of our feminine and masculine gifts.  That’s powerful stuff.

New partnerships, new friends, and the opportunity to seal a tie of love and friendship are possibilities for 2018, if we are tactful, diplomatic, and not afraid to give time, love, and patience.  Look at all the possibilities and promises of growth!

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